Filipino Friday, April 21, 2023 – VXON, G22 and Yes My Love

For this week’s Filipino Friday, it’s a coincidence that the three artists I’m featuring are all from Cornerstone Entertainment. VXON, G22 and the just-debuted Yes My Love have recently released some new music. And let me just say, WOW! If they continue like this, Cornerstone Entertainment could become the Philippines’ answer to P-pop what the traditional “Big 3” are to Korea’s K-pop scene. Truly! And to see why, just take a look and listen to these three tracks!

“Breaking Bad” by VXON

VXON’s debut last year is partly the reason why I did my Kinda-Sorta Deep Dive into P-Pop. Seeing their strong debut “The Beast” really got me interested in finally checking out what the fast-growing P-pop scene had to offer, after merely stumbling upon some YouTube recommendations previously.

Since their debut, VXON has kept quite busy with some fresh music, teleserye OSTs and plenty of TV guestings and performances. But, unless I missed something, “Breaking Bad” is their most substantial comeback since debut. And it’s well worth the wait.

VXON turns up the heat in this sexy and dramatic pop-dance track. It’s definitely a more mature side of the group compared to pretty much everything they’ve released so far. But watching their performance in the alluring music video, you’d think this is their 5th or 6th comeback.

“Breaking Bad” is certainly a showcase for their continued growth and development. Oozing charisma, VXON delivers with vocals and dance. And the resulting package is a complete and addicting performance.

“Boomerang” by G22

This is my first time checking out G22 and WOW! “Boomerang” is definitely an amazing track to introduce me to them. Their latest release just screams power and fierce. The ladies’ powerful vocals elevate what is already a catchy melody and charismatic lyrics. And it definitely has me wanting to check out more from them. They really set themselves apart and deliver a performance that demands attention. That strong confidence really shows through the vocals, visuals and choreography. It’s a performance I don’t think I’ve seen often in the Philippines. Which makes “Boomerang” such an attention-grabber.

“Rhythm” by Yes My Love

My favorite of these three tracks though is the surprising debut track from Yes My Love. I had been following them a bit because some of the members are from Top Class as well as a familiar few who have appeared on other shows as well. But “Rhythm” was definitely not what I ever expected from the rookie group. Actually, I don’t even know what kind of style and vibe I was expecting. But “Rhythm” took me by pleasant surprise.

The rookies just ooze charisma with the sexy and flirtatious song. The clever lyrics allow the group to have this great swagger and coolness that is very appealing. The amazing chorus is also so interesting with what I assume is some kind of traditional instrument (sounds like an Indonesian angklung?) adding this really ear-catching quality that you can’t help but be in awe by.

Simply put, this is an amazing debut. And Yes My Love has already far exceeded my expectations. What more with their future releases!

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