Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger, Episode 40 – I am a King and a Prince

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 40 Recap

The six Ohgers are rushed to Ishabana for immediate medical care after getting knocked out by their superpower. Douga calls over to ask for the Ohgers’ help against zombie Sanagims rampaging in Shugoddam, but they are in no condition to fight. Gabutyra, however, flies in to offer some help and make a call across the universe.

Douga continues fighting through the night until Gira wakes up and hurries over. Douga leaves the Sanagims to Gira as he helps whisk a little girl to safety.

Gira is still nursing his wounds and exhaustion from the last battle. But thankfully, Gabutyta’s call went through and Prince arrives to help out. Prince and Gira make it a game to see who can be the most kingish. Prince henshins and he and Gira lay waste to the Sanagims.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 40 Recap

Two Sanagims embiggen. But suddenly, the Shugods of the other kingdoms come and begin attacking Shugoddam as well. Gira summons KingKyoryuzin, pulling the Shugods away from their attacks, and Prince hops in to finish off the embiggened Sanagims.

Gira thanks Prince and asks if Earth is doing well. Prince says well enough, that’s why he was able to leave things to his masters and come look for Gabutyra. Gira says Prince has a bond with Gabutyra. And Prince says he can see Gira’s bonds with the Shugods.

Prince asks if everything is okay here and Gira says yes. He can take care of the problems here.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 40 Recap

Prince hugs Gira and says he’s always been a gentle and evil king. Gira is taken aback. But Prince says they will always be connected by Brave. They say farewell to each other and Prince and Gabutyra hurry back to Earth.

Meanwhile, Racules tells Dagded about his plan for Chikyuu to fall by the hands of Gira. Dagded is initially bored, but Racules says the preparations are always boring. Now it’s time to go. Racules asks Dagded to push the domino trigger.

Gira heads back to Ishabana. The other Ohgers wonder how Gira can be perfectly fine now and Kaguragi says Gira is now free to do whatever he wants to their kingdoms. Clumsy Gira makes the entire castle rock, causing the other Ohgers pain.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 40 Recap

Later, Yanma tells Gira to ask the Shugods to protect their kingdoms since they are the only ones who can even leave a dent on Dagded. Gira says the Shugods attacking earlier seemed like they were being controlled by Dagded.

The Ohgers think the Shugods will be able to listen to Gira if he speaks with them.

Gira goes to talk to Kuwagon and says he understands he is scared. Gira feels sorry for being so hard on everyone.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 40 Recap

Just then, Racules and Dagded broadcast to all of Chikyuu. Racules reveals himself and says he is grateful for Dagded’s help in returning him to the throne in order to take down the evil king Gira Husty. But he has a story to tell everyone.

The truth is Gira is a creature Dagded created. Dagded says he is Gira’s papa and mama and that Gira is a copy of him. Racules goes on to explain Shugoddam has served Dagded for 2000 years. Dagded is responsible for unifying Chikyuu. And Gira was given to them as proof of his loyalty as a tool to defeat mankind’s enemies. However, after defeating the Bugnarak, Gira has turned on humanity.

The true intent of Gira and the other Ohgers is to bring about the downfall of humanity. Racules says the attacks by the Shugods just now are all Gira’s doing. Dagded says since he created all insects, he is able to make, control and kill them in whatever way he pleases. That power was inherited by Gira.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 40 Recap

Everyone begins to remember how Gira was able to move Kingohger and control the Shugods. The peoples now think Gira is a traitor and monster. Gira’s bratty friends come to his defense, but Racules warns everyone to stay away from the dangerous Gira.

“That is something evil in the shape of a human.”

Dagded controls Gira’s entire body and has him wield his sword, calling on Kingohger to leap down to the ground. Two formerly dead Kaijims appear to join Kingohger.

Racules declares that he will defeat Gira and save humanity. After the broadcast cuts out, Dagded expresses his surprise by Racules’ declaration. But Racules says he was just kidding. He’d never save humanity. They both cackle.

Gira falls to his knees and Dagded pops up to warn the Shugoddamians to run for their lives.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 40 Recap

Dagded taunts and mocks Gira, saying he now controls the Shugods and Gira is truly an evil king now like he always wanted. Gira remains silent as he cries.

Dagded is relishing and enjoying the show. He orders Kingohger and the two Kaijims to get on with the squashing of humans.

The other Ohgers, watching from Ishabana, are unsure what to do. Yanma says the Shugods will step up to the plate.

Just then, Kingohger growls at the sky. All the Caliburs shine. Dagded orders everyone to shut up and bow down to him.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 40 Recap

With tears in his eyes, Gira names all the Shugods who are now able to break free of Dagded’s control. The Shugods bravery and resilience encourage the Ohgers to not waste their valor. They get up and grab their swords.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 40 Recap

Kingohger destroys the two Kaijims.

Episode Thoughts

Okay, so this episode was mainly just to reemphasize the connection between the Ohgers and the Shugods. And how the Shugods have their own free will. That’s great as it shows that no amount of Dagded and Jester control will manipulate the good for evil.

But come on now. Are we actually supposed to believe Gira’s deep dark secret? I mean, Racules and Dagded were basically laughing about it after. And it’s obvious it’s just another one of Dagded’s playtime funtime games he enjoys with his planet murdering. As well as also Racules’ own secret plan that even Dagded has no idea about.

It’s not obvious in the red-herring-type of way. But obvious in a way that we’re not supposed to believe it and to just see it as a way to drive the drama forward. Especially to help drive the moment of Gira getting knocked off his feet only to be powered back up after the Shugods are able to rise up and fight.

Because even if I am not a fan of the way many good ideas have played out this season, I would not believe King-Ohger would just completely negate every single thing they’ve established for the Husty Bros in the 39 episodes previous. Like, to just throw all of that away for a cheap, simple twist like “Oh, Gira’s just a toy I made.” Come on. Let’s be real.

Now, who knows whatever Prince’s mysterious line meant. Or if Gira ends up being king of two planets in the future or whatnot. Just set that aside until it needs to get picked back up in a movie or special or something I guess.

But I feel like this episode is another example of really the only thing that annoys me about this season. And that is the pacing. Things just pop up without the time to marinate. I mean, Racules says the wind up to the main event is always boring. But I actually want to watch the King-Ohger water boil. I want to see things marinate. All so every climax can be as impactful as they can be.

I dunno. It’s a personal preference perhaps. But I just feel bad that so many great ideas can get held back somehow.

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Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 40 Recap

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  1. I don’t believe it either. Not very exciting if that’s the case. But it will probably play into whatever Racles is planning since we can be sure he is not going to just stay Dagded’s dog.

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