Filipino Friday, December 8, 2023 – BINI and BGYO

Checking out the latest new songs from sibling groups BINI and BGYO!

“Pantropiko” by BINI

BINI’s “Pantropiko” is a refreshing summer track in the colder months of November and December. The sweet pop track gives the group the opportunity for their usual charming performance complete with strong vocals. Though perhaps they could’ve waited for March instead? Though I guess the point of the song is that it feels like a warm summer whenever you’re with the one you love. hehe

“Bulalakaw” by BGYO

BGYO, meanwhile, releases the sweet ballad “Bulalakaw”. A nice, soft and comforting performance from the boys. Though honestly, it’s kind of hard to enjoy any BGYO release these days without thinking about the issues surrounding them.

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