Thursday Tunes, December 7, 2023 – LYKN, THE7, Fluke Nattanon and Fourth Nattawat.

It’s a Thai Thursday on Thursday Tunes today! Catching up with some releases from LYKN, THE7, Fluke Nattanon and Fourth Nattawat.

“May I” by LYKN

“Umm Umm” by LYKN

“No Worries” by LKYN

I caught a little bit of GMMTV’s reality competition program Project Alpha, but didn’t really follow it. Though I definitely made a point to check out the winning group once they debuted. That debut was back in May, but I’m only now finally seeing what the rookie group has to offer. And so far, I definitely enjoy what I see and hear. Their debut track “May I” is a smooth R&B pop dance track that is a great, easy listen. Watching their music video, their charisma is definitely on display and they have no problem showcasing what they are capable of too.

Their follow-up track “Umm Umm” is of similar vibes to their debut and with it, the group certainly establishes a bit of a sound and style that I think will be great for them moving forward. And just last month, the group released the ballad “No Worries,” further showcasing their great potential.

“Good Night” by THE7

Rookie Korean-Thai group THE7 released their 3rd single “Good Night” and it is a sweet pop track. The group delivers a good performance, showing off their softer sides. An overall strong debut year for them.

“Loneliness” by Fluke Nattanon

“Loneliness” by Fluke Nattanon is a wonderful ballad. His soft vocals are perfect for the emotional lyrics of the track. Though he did not make the final group of GMMTV’s Project Alpha, he very much has a promising future as a singer and actor apparently. So this is a great performance that showcases that potential.

“Please Be Mine” by Fourth

I actually haven’t watched Fourth Nattawat Jirochtikul in a drama yet, though I may check out My Love Mix-Up! next year. But his song “Please Be Mine” is a great pseudo-introduction to him for me. Also a sweet and romantic pop track, Fourth shows off a charming personality along with his nice performance of the track.

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