Music Monday, October 30, 2023 – Kang Insoo, Moon Jongup, Jeong Inseong

Music Monday, October 30, 2023 – Kang Insoo, Moon Jongup, Jeong Inseong
Some wonderful new releases from three of my biases! Kang Insoo, Moon Jongup and Jeong Inseong!

“X.O.X” by Moon Jongup

I’ve been playing Jongup’s “US” and “Headache” on repeat while waiting for fresh new music from him. And now it’s finally here! New album Some and title track “X.O.X” are such a welcome arrival. And certainly worth the wait. “X.O.X” is definitely the kind of track that allows Jongup to show off his smooth and captivating skills. Always a total performer with his vocals, dance and charisma.

The album opens with a bass-powered midtempo pop track “Stuck,” then “X.O.X,” funky R&B-pop sub-title track “Common” (as well as an English version) and the ethereal pop ballad “Fine” as the closer. An excellent release from Jongup!

“High” by Kang Insoo

MYNAME’s Insoo is one of my ultimate biases. So it is always great to have him releasing new music. “High” is an energetic, groovy R&B and bass house track with an addictive melody. It is relatively a simple track, but catchy and enjoyable. And Insoo’s performance is always one to take notice of. Hope he can release more fresh music soon!

“Trust Yourself” by Jeong Inseong

After completing his service to the country, KNK’s Jeong Inseong releases his first solo single “Trust Yourself”. The midtempo pop single is a wonderfully encouraging song that shares that everything will indeed be okay. It is so great to be able to hear Inseong’s voice once again. And even though his vocal power was always on display in KNK’s songs, Inseong delivers a perfectly reserved and effortless performance here. Which is well suited to the message of the song. Looking forward for more from Inseong. And KNK as well!

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