Monday, October 30, 2023 Extra – GHOST9, RIIZE, Hi-Fi Un!corn, Do Hanse, XODIAC

Monday, October 30, 2023 Extra – GHOST9, RIIZE, Hi-Fi Un!corn, Do Hanse, XODIAC

Catching up with more music on this Halloween special with tracks from GHOST9, RIIZE, Hi-Fi Un!corn, Do Hanse, XODIAC!

“Ruckus” by GHOST9

It’s been a while since GHOST9 last released new music. So it’s great to have their latest album Arcade : O and its title track “Ruckus”. The energetic and unique sound of the track offers up another opportunity for the group to show off their charisma and talent. The rest of the album features songs with similarly energetic vibes with a good mix of rock-infused pop, hip-hop and R&B tracks. A solid new release from GHOST9.

“Talk Saxy” by RIIZE

RIIZE had a solid debut last month. And they are back quick with new track “Talk Saxy”. The charismatic dance track allows the group to show off a different side of themselves from their two debut tracks. And it is a great way to showcase their style and sound this early in their careers.

“Over the Rainbow” and “U&I” by Hi-Fi Un!corn

I missed the debut of Hi-Fi Un!corn a few months ago. But I’m glad to have to checked them out now. Their debut track “Over the Rainbow” is a nice, bright track about overcoming hardships. It would be a good introduction to the rookies. But I very much enjoy their latest track “U&I”. An OST for Japanese drama I Can’t Reach You (starring Kamen Rider Revice‘s Kentaro Maeda!), “U&I” is a great uptempo track that expresses the complex feelings of youth. Really a great pair of tracks. I look forward to see what the band will offer up in the future.

“Gummy Bear” by Do Hanse feat. BIGONE

VICTON’s Do Hanse is back with his latest track “Gummy Bear” featuring BIGONE. It is a strong rock track that perfectly suits Do Hanse’s style. And as a self-composed track, another great showcase for his talented musicality.

“Only Fun” by XODIAC

Rookie group XODIAC has been releasing great songs at a steady pace since their official debut. And their latest is a refreshingly bright track. “Only Fun” is a an absolute joy to listen to. And the group delivers a fun, colorful performance to match.

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