First Impression Review: Deserving Perth and Chimon Carry GMMTV’s “Dangerous Romance”

Dangerous Romance Review

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When GMMTV announced their 2023 series last November, I was most excited about Dangerous Romance (หัวใจในสายลม). And that’s mostly because its two lead stars were Perth Tanapon Sukumpantanasan and Chimon Wachirawit Ruangwiwat.

When I first started watching Thai BL series, TayNew were the first pairing I started to follow. The second was PluemChimon thanks to GMMTV’s compilation of their scenes from My Dear Loser. Since then, I’ve followed both Pluem Purim and Chimon. And I’ve long waited for Chimon’s opportunity to get a lead role of his own. And Dangerous Romance is definitely that.

With Perth, I first came to know him on Netflix’s The Stranded and have seen him in some of his work since then as well. So when it was announced that GMMTV would be pairing him and Chimon, it was an interesting and refreshing idea.

Both are great young talents and are very much deserving of these lead roles. And so far after five episodes, it is Perth and Chimon’s performances and chemistry that is carrying the series.

Dangerous Romance is very much a familiar set-up. Especially when it comes to BL stories. School bully Kanghan (Perth) gets softened by top, though poor student Sailom (Chimon) when Kanghan’s grandmother asks Sailom to be his tutor. Of course, their initial conflict leads to friendship which will eventually lead to something more romantic.

It’s a tried-and-true formula. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. But if you’re looking for something different, maybe this show isn’t for you. That said, it’s only been five episodes so far with still seven to go. So different twists and turns may still be yet to come.

In these first five episodes, if you are familiar with Thai BL series, you might easily recognize many of the same tense confrontations and cute moments you normally see in the genre. What makes those scenes in Dangerous Romance not feel tired or repetitive is Perth and Chimon, no question.

They do well with the material they’ve gotten so far. And even if familiar, it’s still enjoyable to see how Sailom and Kanghan’s relationship develops. Perth and Chimon’s performances and chemistry keep you watching. And hopefully, sticking with the show will have great reward in the coming episodes. Whether that is with unexpected twists in the story to set it apart from the rest. Or just more opportunity for Perth and Chimon to prove they deserve even more lead roles.

Dangerous Romance Review

So I’m definitely still looking forward to the next episodes. And I certainly wish for something more. But I’m also content with getting an easy, enjoyable watch from the show and its talented lead pair.

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