Music Monday, September 11, 2023 – AJAA, BOYNEXTDOOR, W24, XODIAC

Great tracks from AJAA, BOYNEXTDOOR, W24, XODIAC.

“Hany” by AJAA

A few months ago, I commented about Cornerstone Entertainment potentially being P-pop’s answer to Korea’s traditional “Big 3” companies. Not only have they been able to launch three new P-pop groups in such a short amount of time, those same groups (VXON, G22 and Yes My Love) have released some excellent music!

So it should be no surprise (or maybe it is?) that their newest group AJAA perfectly follows in their sibling groups’ footsteps. It’s a surprise because you may not expect a company to go 4-for-4 in such a short amount of time. But Cornerstone did. And AJAA’s debut track “Hany” is an excellent way to introduce themselves to the public and announce their arrival to the wonderfully growing P-pop scene.

The bright, youthful and fun track offers up the perfect showcase for the four members to show off their talents and personalities. The sweet pop track is immediately catchy with great lyrics that the members are able to glide along with. Nothing feels forced, everything feels breezy and natural. And that’s not always a guarantee with any performance or song. But AJAA definitely delivers here.

I was blown away by Yes My Love’s debut earlier this year. But their little brothers in AJAA certainly stepped up to the plate to match their kuyas, no problem. Two incredibly talented groups. Cornerstone is definitely doing something right! Stay tuned!

“Lemonade” by XODIAC

Rookie group XODIAC released a lot of great music so far this year. And “Lemonade” continues that. The pre-release track is another charismatic track and performance from the group. Like their title tracks “Calling” and “Throw a Dice,” the group exudes a cool swagger that definitely grabs your attention. Another great track from the group. Looking forward to the single album in October.

“Voyager” by W24

I haven’t been able to follow W24 much recently, though I know they’ve been busy as well. So it’s great to have their latest release “Voyager” to enjoy. Along with the imaginative music video, the song is a pleasingly nostalgic pop-rock track. Very much in the band’s style, if you haven’t checked out their music yet. A positive, feel-good track from the talented band.

“But Sometimes” by BOYNEXTDOOR

BOYNEXTDOOR’s first comeback title track “But Sometimes” is a perfect follow-up to their solid debut. The funky pop-dance track has a youthful, punk vibe that suits them very well. And they are able to effectively express that kind of personality through their great performance. Again, you can definitely see the infusion of their big boss Zico into their overall style and performance. And having that be able to translate to another strong release from is great.

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