Thursday Tunes, September 7, 2023 – FTISLAND, Young K, TRENDZ, Jaechan

Thursday Tunes, September 7, 2023 – FTISLAND, Young K, TRENDZ, Jaechan
These can’t wait until Monday! Here’s for amazing new releases from FTISLAND, Young K, TRENDZ and Jaechan of DKZ!

“Sage” by FTISLAND

An absolutely incredible track. But I mean, you expect nothing less from FTISLAND. It is so awesome to have them back with some fresh music. And “Sage” is definitely worth the wait. The title track of their new album of the same name is just stunning. The soaring rock track is powered by Minhwan’s strong drums and Hongki and Jaejin’s strong vocals. Just an amazing musical experience from one of the best in the industry.

The other five tracks on the album follow suit with the three members all involved in every one of them. Certainly one of the strongest albums of the year. And one of my absolute favorite tracks of the year too with “Sage.”

“nothing but” by Young K

It is wonderful news that Young K is finally releasing his first full solo album. The talented singer-songwriter has of course shown what he’s capable of as a member of DAY6. But a full album of 11 songs is a well-deserved showcase for his excellent talent. Young K prepared for the release of Letters with Notes with the punk rock track “Let It Be Summer.” Title track “Nothing But” is a similarly nostalgic track, but much more of an emotional rock ballad with touches of 60s British rock as well. Young K’s vocals are just perfect expressing the bittersweet lyrics of the song.

The rest of the album features a nice mix of rock tracks, each infused with touches of pop and R&B. My favorite though is the dreamy “Natural.” A song that will definitely find a spot on my Night Drive Playlist.

“My Way” by TRENDZ

I really loved TRENDZ’s “New Dayz” and “Fantasy” from their comeback earlier this year. And I am so happy their latest title track “My Way” is of a similar style and vibe. The energetic melody matches the youthful message of the song. And in turn, that gives a sort of nostalgic feel as well, similar to their March release. The album Still On My Way also features B-side tracks “Ven Conmigo” and “O.Y.E” which both compliment the title track. A great comeback from the rookies!

“Hello” by Jaechan (DKZ)

DKZ’s Jaechan releases his first solo mini album JCFACTORY. Title track “Hello” is a great synth-infused pop-R&B track. A really appealing sound and style that pairs well with Jaechan’s soft vocals. The other tracks on the album have similar pop-R&B stylings that do a great job of establishing Jaechan’s style as a solo artist.

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