Thursday Tunes, August 31, 2023 – Kim Woojin, Ban Hyungmoon, Lim Young Min

Some great releases from Kim Woojin, TRITOPS’ Ban Hyungmoon and Lim Young Min.

“On My Way” by Kim Woojin

It is so awesome to have Kim Woojin finally releasing some fresh, original music. He’s definitely been busy and successful since his solo debut. But having an album of new music is an exciting treat. Title track “On My Way” is a punk rock track that has Woojin’s effortless vocals singing a positive message about being yourself despite the pressures around you. It certainly holds some personal feelings for Woojin as well, and you can feel that through his expectedly powerful performance.

The rest of the album The moment : 美成年, Bounce has equally top quality tracks. That includes the groovy “Telepathy” and “Tryin'” and breezy “Drive Away,” as well as the pre-release track, the emotional “Say Something to Me.” My favorite though is “Song of Icarus,” another soaring, hopeful track that feels a lot like his debut standouts “Still Dream” and “Ready Now.”

A really excellent release from the talented artist, Kim Woojin!

“Happy Birthday To Me” by Ban Hyungmoon (TRITOPS)

When it comes to vocals, you don’t need to look any further than TRITOPS. One of the best and strongest (and sadly underrated) vocal groups in the industry. But always top calibur with every release. Member Ban Hyungmoon releases his solo track: “Happy Birthday to Me”. His powerful, full vocals soar across this bittersweet track paired with a happy, upbeat melody that all together is a fulfilling listening experience. As is to be expected when it comes to all the four members of TRITOPS.

“In My Room” by Lim Young Min

Lim Young Min makes his solo debut after his 2020 DUI and subsequent military enlistment. It’s important to mention that as a way to move forward. And he marks this new beginning in his career with the album Room and title track In My Room. It is a pensive breakup song talking about the regrets of that failed relationship. Young Min’s deep vocals match well with the song’s sentiments. And it is a good jumping off point for anyone who might be new to him as an artist.

My favorite track from the album is the opening “Let Me Out.” The rock-infused hip-hop track is a captivating plea and a very engaging way to open the album. The other two tracks “Broken Wings” and “Again” slow it down a little bit with both helping to emphasize Young Min’s smooth flow. Overall a solid album that helps Young Min start the next chapter of his career.

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