Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger, Episode 26 – Birth of a New Kingdom

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 26 Recap

Desnarak battles the Ohgers in the middle of town and says he is doing this because it was humans who painted Bugnarak as invaders 2000 years ago. He is fighting to clear their name and adds that if the loser bears the sin, then he’ll just kill them all.

Desnarak does not care if there is anything left after. But Jerami asks what of the Bugnarak’s future. Desnarak says he does not know of such light, but Jerami wants to bring that light to the Bugnarak.

Jerami challenges Desnarak to battle for the crown of the Underground Empire at a specified location tomorrow. Until then, Jerami will allow Desnarak to keep his Kumonoslayer and says he would like to trust Desnarak.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 26 Recap

Inside the palace, Jeramie takes a knee in front of the five kings and asks that when he wins the crown, to acknowledge the Bugnarak as the sixth kingdom. Gira agrees, but Rita says for that to happen, there needs to be a physical territory, citizens, a ruler and the approval of the five kings.

Jerami would like to show them the truth about the Bugnarak. Gira and an initially reluctant Rita accompany him underground while Kaguragi, Yanma and Hymeno keep in touch through Rita’s livestream.

Before they go in, Hymeno tells them that she’s found Bugnarak DNA is very close to human. She wonders how they could have evolved into what they are now.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 26 Recap

Jerami has the answer as he shows them what he calls a place worse than hell. The Ohgers are shocked to see a large mound of rotting Shugod corpses that have been gathered by the Bugnarak from all over Chikyuu. He explains that the Bugnarak eating the Shugods to absorb their power is what’s led to what they have become today. When humanity and the Shugods joined hands together for their mutual protection, the Bugnarak lost. And since then, the Bugnarak would devour their foes until the strongest survivor, Desnarak, was hailed king.

Jerami must do the same now. But Gerojim, who is with Hymeno in Ishabana, reminds Jerami that anyone using Shugod food to embiggen will lead to their death. That’s why Desnarak could drop dead at any moment.

Hymeno doesn’t understand since Gerojim embiggened once too. He explains that he’s alive, but he’s dead. [/2020 Tiktok Trend] A simple illusion.

Jerami says he must win to prove that he can be king and he believes Desnarak wants that as well. Gira does not understand Jerami’s trust in Desnarak. But Jerami points out a small Shugod, Tarantula Abyss, nearby who has refused his help for a hundred years. Jerami wants Gira to ask why it does not want to leave. And the Shugod says it is because Desnarak has protected it all this time.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 26 Recap

Tarantula Abyss jumps out of Gira’s hands and scurries over to where Desnarak is struggling on the ground.

Jerami knew that Desnarak had a kind heart underneath his hard, scaly exterior. That Desnarak did not want to eat Shugods and maybe even wanted to live peacefully alongside them. But the cycle of hatred and violence created the Desnarak they know today.

Rita confirms that Jerami has the territory and the peoples. Now it’s time for him to grab that crown.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 26 Recap

Next day, the kings accompany Jerami into the underground. Desnarak returns his Kumonoslayer and it’s time for the duel. Jeramie henshins and they battle. Desnarak says he will have everything be swallowed into the abyss and die. But Jerami wants a brighter future. They take their battle up onto the town plaza, with Jerami wanting Desnarak to open his eyes to the bright sun and the fact that he is now the king.

Desnarak says to kill him. But Jerami says he is now freed from hatred and war so he can become a citizen of the new Bugnarak kingdom. Desnarak says he will just kill again if Jerami lets him live.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 26 Recap

Gira stops Jerami from granting Desnarak’s wish. He says the only thing that makes sense at this moment is for him to apologize. He bows his head toward Desnarak. Gira points out that the Bugnarak attacked and rampaged first, but humans have also killed Bugnarak as well.

Desnarak does not like to be pitied by lower lifeforms like humans. But Gira yells not to mock humanity. Because humans would have risen up and taken revenge too if the Bugnarak had won 2000 years ago. And it would still be the same cycle of hate and violence as has happened.

That is why it needs to stop now. Gira gets on his knees and bows in sincere apology.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 26 Recap

Desnarak takes in the moment that it is all finally ending. Jerami knows he has wanted this for a long time.

Just then, Kamejim impales Desnarak with his staff. He reveals that he has been sowing the seeds of hatred between humanity and the Bugnarak even before the big war 2000 years ago.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 26 Recap

Desnarak leaves Jerami with some profound words about how they all live in the same world. And now it is Jerami’s turn to show everyone that bright light as king.

Desnarak shoves Jerami aside as a bright light shoots down from the sky and incinerates him. Kamejim laughs and says they will be fighting for eternity. He pops a Shugod ball and embiggens.

The Ohgers henshin and hop into God KingOhger. They battle Kamejim, who uses all his power to take them on. The Ohgers take issue with Kamejim trampling on Desnarak’s sincerity to atone for his sins. And now they will destroy Kamejim for it. Humans and Bugnarak will no longer be trampled on. They finish off Kamejim for good.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 26 Recap

Later, the Ohgers meet in Gokkan to officially approve the establishment of the sixth kingdom. Jerami makes the proclamation to the people of the other five kingdoms. Humans and Bugnarak have found peace and he asks that everyone pass that down to the next generations instead of planting more seeds of hate. Jerami says the burden of sins should only be carried by those who commit them

Jerami knows it may take a long time, but he hopes that one day humans and Bugnarak can join together, hand-in-hand. Though the people of the kingdoms are silent and somewhat disgusted, Gira tells Jerami that everyone understands.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 26 Recap

Later, Tarantula Abyss pays tribute to Desnarak by bringing flowers to where Desnarak died.

Episode Thoughts

This season has gone by so fast, I didn’t even realize this is just about the time for the midseason climax. We’re already halfway through the season and I feel like so much has happened and not much has happened at the same time. It’s very strange. Lol. Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

And I really have been enjoying the season. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s been a perfect season. But it’s definitely been a different and refreshing season. And that has made it a very enjoyable and easy watch every week.

By the end of the season, I know I’ll probably say that its weakest point will be its pacing. Fast paced is good, but I think the show could’ve slowed things down a bit and let some legitimately good story beats breathe a bit.

Just like this episode and its focus on the inherited hatred between humans and Bugnarak. Of course, the Ohgers’ fight against the Bugnarak was the main plot thread in this first half. But I kind of feel like it was having to fight for time with other plot threads, including the show needing to establish each of the kingdoms and the backgrounds of each of the kings.

I’ve talked about how nice it was to see Desnarak actually be out and about and active as opposed to being holed up in his lair all season. And yet, I almost feel like the show didn’t do enough to really flesh out his character. He still had an impactful “end,” but I guess I would’ve liked to have seen more.

And the same with Jerami. I got the feeling since he arrived that he kind of took the lead, somewhat, in terms of story. Even as the Husty drama was taking place. But thanks to all of his expository storytimes, he still felt more like simply a narrator rather than a full character with a pretty important piece to the main plot thread of this first half.

Interestingly, this episode certainly felt like a season finale. It’s the kind of revelation and redemption moment that is usually saved for the final episode. And it works many times because we usually get a full year to lead up to that moment. In that year, all the struggles and joys add up and provide the foundation and depth to make those moments truly impactful.

But again, with the way the season is paced, it really felt like the 50 episode season was squeezed into 25/26. And because of that, it makes me feel like I’ve missed something. Like we only saw the highlights. If there’s one thing the season has done so far, it’s maybe showing that filler episodes really are valuable and important.

I dunno. I guess my overall feeling is that the season has such great ideas, but it is speeding through them that the stories don’t get the time they deserve to fully maximize their full potential and impact.

Though I did almost tear up when Tarantula Abyss left those flowers and then bowed where Desnarak burned to death. hehe

Anyway, there’s still a whole other half of the season to go. And if it’s anything like this first half, the next ~24 episodes will fly by as well.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger, Episode 26 – Birth of a New Kingdom

  1. Fascinating series so far. Interesting to see them speed through this first half of the season. We can only hope the second half is also fast-paced, but perhaps allowing to slow down and allow stories to naturally develop instead.

  2. You know what else they sped through? The upgrades. God King-Ohger is something that you would normally see at around ep. 30-40 when they finally have access to all mecha. And considering that the show is still a glorified toy commercial, with the ultimate combo revealed a lot earlier, you have to wonder what they have in store for the next half to whet the appetite of kids.

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