Thursday Tunes, August 24, 2023 – LUCY, VANNER, TAN, RIIZE

Thursday Tunes, August 24, 2023 – LUCY, VANNER, TAN, RIIZE

Four interesting tracks from LUCY, VANNER, TAN and RIIZE

“Haze” by LUCY

LUCY has been such a treat to enjoy. The talented rock band has released so much great music. And their latest title track “Haze” is definitely another one to add to the list. The uplifting and youthful track delivers a wonderful message all while being accompanied by the band’s always impactful performance. The great nostalgia you get while listening to the track and watching their music video for it is just icing on the cake. If you haven’t checked out LUCY yet, “Haze” would definitely be a great place to start.

“Performer” by VANNER

VANNER returns with their first comeback after winning Peak Time with “Performer.” It is a groovy pop dance track as the talented group sings of shaking off the nerves, whether it’s through struggles in life or right before getting on stage. It’s a great song to make a first comeback with after gaining many new fans from the reality competition program. The rest of the album Veni Vidi Vici has a great mix of songs. My favorites are “Diamonds” and “TBH”.

“Heartbeat” by TAN

TAN returns with also a groovy electronic dance track in “Heartbeat.” The flirtatious lyrics and charismatic performance from the group is easy to immediately like and enjoy. And it’s also a nice way to show off the group’s continued growth since their debut. For the rest of the album TAN Made, it opens with a midtempo pop track in “Artificial Heart,” another groovy track “Violet,” three unit tracks and a pop-rock closer “New Days.”

“Memories” by RIIZE

SM prepares to debut its newest boy group RIIZE and “Memories” is a very interesting first track. The group certainly oozes charisma and the homey, nostalgic music video definitely helps showcase their charms. But the song is one of those mash-ups where it feels like someone threw two or three different songs together into one. And I’m usually not really a fan of those. The majority of the song is good. It has a nice rock-infused pop dance vibe that is different from your usual SM Entertainment boy group. But the song’s awkward shifts take away from the positive parts. Nonetheless, the group certainly leaves an intriguing first impression.

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