Music Monday, August 21, 2023 – BZ-Boys, Brooklyn Juliana, Jihyo, Hyuk

So much great music being released these last few weeks! Here’s more from BZ-Boys, Brooklyn Juliana, Jihyo and Hyuk!

“Outlaw” by BZ-BOYS

BZ-BOYS release their first mini-album containing all their singles so far and new title track “Outlaw.” Bon, Hamin, Double D and Seunghyun hold down the fort while Taewoong fulfills his military duties. And “Outlaw” is definitely another great song from the group. The sort of Latin-infused dance track is a charismatic and dramatic performance from the talented and underrated group. Definitely hoping they can have more fresh music soon as they prove time and time again with every release they always deliver. More full albums please! They definitely deserve more opportunities to show off their talents.

“Thinking About You” by Brooklyn Juliana

Brooklyn Juliana has released some great music and it’s always a treat to see and hear fresh music from him. And I say “see” because the accompanying music video for “Thinking About You,” directed by Brooklyn himself, is as much a captivating experience as listening to the track is. The alternative and electronic-infused pop-rock track captures the feelings of the start of a dreamy summertime romance. The melody itself has a wonderful sense of nostalgia while Brooklyn’s vocals perfectly express the shy, romantic feelings of the lyrics. Another great release from him and definitely will have a spot on my year end list too!

“The Night Alone” by Hyuk

Hyuk has released “The Night Alone,” a remake of a song from the late Kim Kwang Seok as part of the OST for the musical Again, Zoo. Produced by Hyuk himself, the song is reborn with a modern rock sound that evokes the emotions and the loneliness of the original song. A really captivating song and performance.

“Killin Me Good” by Jihyo

It is very exciting to have my TWICE (and Sixteen!) bias making her solo debut! And “Killin’ Me Good” is a great track to herald this momentous occasion. The groovy and rhythmic melody pairs well with Jihyo’s powerful vocals which she is able to control and temper at just the right moments. Her complete performance effortlessly brings to life the lyrics telling the story of the always complicated feelings of a new relationship. It is a wonderful showcase for what she is capable of as a solo artist as she of course has already shown what she has to offer alongside her fellow members and the success of TWICE so far. The other six songs on the album Zone are just as strong in their own unique ways, while each being a great examples of where Jihyo is as an artist in style and performance. My favorite track, however, is the album closer “Nightmare.”

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