Thursday Tunes, August 3, 2023 – INFINITE, XEED, n.SSign, SEVENUS, Yoon Seobin

Thursday Tunes, August 3, 2023 – INFINITE, XEED, n.SSign, SEVENUS, Yoon Seobin

Catching up with some recent releases from INFINITE, XEED, n.SSign, SEVENUS and Yoon Seobin and I think I’ve found several songs that will make my year-end favorites list! What a great group of songs today!

“New Emotions” by INFINITE

Celebrating their 13th anniversary, INFINITE shows exactly why they enjoy that staying power and longevity with their latest album 13egin. Title track “New Emotions” is an attention-grabbing song. Its interesting melody helps to set the stage for a captivating progression that just sucks you into this groovy, sexy track. The members definitely have no problem exuding that charisma and showcasing their experience and talent through their performance. The rest of the album is more opportunity for the group to show their maturity and growth over their 13 years in the industry. Excellent track.

“Blue” by XEED

I enjoyed XEED’s solid debut last December and was happy to hear about them making their first official comeback. But I was even more excited hearing that Kwon Yonghyeon, formerly of TST, was joining the group. He is one of two new members joining the rookie group. And their first release as a quintet definitely delivers. “Blue,” the title track of the album of the same name, is such a pleasant surprise. The light, tropical sound of the track with its synth-infused melody and hopeful message is a bit different from their debut title. But it is nonetheless an irresistible song and performance with its dreamlike aura an immediate charmer.

The four other tracks on the album are of similar vibes, a bright pop feeling that, based on their performance and music video for “Blue,” the group will have no problem embodying and exuding. A really strong comeback from these rookies!

“Higher” by n.SSign

I enjoyed n.SSign’s “Salty” a couple of months ago and looked forward to their official debut. And now that it is finally here, the rookie group definitely does not disappoint. Title track “Higher” is a wonderfully uplifting track with the group’s excellent vocals being supported by a dreamy pop melody. The song expresses the group’s strong will and the cinematic music video completes the ethereal experience. The full debut album Birth of Cosmo will release next week and I am excited to hear more from the group!

“Wonder Land” by SEVENUS

It was great learning that former members of MASC, Heejae and Ireah, were on the reality competition program Peak Time. And not only that, they ended up becoming the runners-up. I enjoyed MASC’s music and it was tough to see the major struggles the group went through over the years. So seeing them do well on Peak Time was really awesome. Now Heejae and Ireah redebut as SEVENUS with the title track “Wonder Land.” The title certainly suits the song with its dreamy, summer vibe. And the lyrics are a great expression of Heejae and Ireah’s resolve as they get another chance to showcase their talents with this new beginning.

The rest of the album Summus contains the instrumental to “Wonder Land” as well as the bright “Summer Ride” and mellow “In a Dream.” Really great album and even more awesome to see Heejae and Ireah get this opportunity.

“Love is Like a Wave” by Yoon Seobin

I’ve been following Yoon Seobin here and there, both with his music and his acting projects. And he’s more than proven he has the talent and charisma, effortless delivering with every performance. The same can be said once more with his latest single “Love is Like a Wave.” The funky, pop/R&B track perfectly suits Yoon Seobin’s vocals and the summer season too with its flirty and breezy vibes. Pop-rock B-side track “Runnin’ to You” is equally great.

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