Thursday Tunes, July 27, 2023 – HORI7ON, MIRAE, The Wind

It’s a youthful Thursday! Enjoy new tracks from HORI7ON, MIRAE and The Wind.


The all-Filipino K-pop group HORI7ON make their official debut with title track “SIX7EEN.” It’s definitely a big moment for young Filipino artists, especially to make a debut as a full group in Korea. The title track is a fun and bright dance track with an energetic and youthful message that suits the teen group wonderfully. And I like that the track along with their styling and performance definitely fit the group and their age rather than forcing something otherwise.

The rest of their debut album Friend-Ship has many similar youthful tracks. Some more charismatic tracks like “Death or Paradise” and “Hit Me” are a nice taste of what’s to come from the group in the future. Especially with more training in Korea.


MIRAE’s latest title track “JUMP!” is a bouncy and groovy dance track. Combining elements of pop, new jack swing and alternative rock results in a fun and youthful track that is perfect for the group’s charm and talent. Whether bright pop tracks or charismatic dance tracks, the rest of the album Boys Will Be Boys offers up many other examples of the group’s youthful charms.

“Summer Vacation” by The Wind

Rookie group The Wind prepare for their first comeback with the pre-release single and appropriately titled “Summer Vacation.” The fun, bright track perfectly captures the feelings of youth and those school days with friends. And the rookie group’s performance and great MV really bring that feeling to life. For me who never had school in the summertime, seeing the MV and listening to the song feels nostalgic. And that immediately endears the song and the talented rookies to me even more. Looking forward to their first official comeback since their debut!

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