Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 43 – Genesis V: His Name Is Gya-Go!

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 43 Recap Review

Now in his new world, Keiwa gets a frantic call from Sara telling him that she and their parents are being attacked by strange masked people. As people run for their lives around him, Keiwa hears an explosion blast through on the other end of the phone.

Chaos has engulfed the city with the police nowhere to be found as “Gang Riders” go around whacking people with lead pipes, even on live TV. Michinaga can’t believe this is the world Keiwa desired. But as they watch Beroba on big screens encouraging the violence, both he and Ace realize she and the rest of the admins must be pulling the strings.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 43 Recap Review

Ace and Michinaga henshin. They have to maneuver around the human thugs in order to target Kamen Rider Turbon whom Ace recognizes from a previous DGP and has thus been resurrected thanks to Keiwa’s desire.

Turbon is able to escape and the other hoodlums scurry like ants.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 43 Recap Review

Meanwhile, Jitto has Tsumuri chained up by the wrists, looking forward to this world becoming a dystopia where no one can be happy. Keiwa barges in and says he has been hoodwinked by Jitto. Especially after learning both his parents as well as Sara have died once again.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 43 Recap Review

Jitto says Keiwa resurrected everyone, including irredeemable criminals. So this is all Keiwa’s doing, including the death of his family. Jitto says he is in the business of “Bad Ends” as the Game Master to cater to a small, but influential part of the audience who get a rise out of cruelty and misery.

Keiwa demands Jitto remake the world again, but Jitto slaps him to the floor and tells him to defeat Geats in order to stop Bad Ends. Especially since Geats is the reason Tsumuri’s Goddess transition failed. As long as Ace is alive, the Goddess’ powers are unusable.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 43 Recap Review

Kekera pops in and says there is an equilibrium to the world’s happiness. If Keiwa wants to save his family, he must rob others of their happiness.

On the other side of Tokyo, Gang Riders have released everyone from the jail where Papa Kurama has been imprisoned. Turbon recognizes him and knocks him to the ground, demanding payment. But Neon sprays Turbon with a fire extinguisher and whisks her father to safety.

Papa Kurama asks Neon why she helped him when he can’t make her a Rider anymore. Neon says the Kurama family has a responsibility to protect the world, especially as a former DGP sponsor. Papa Kurama says he is powerless now. But Neon tells him about Ace wanting to create a happiness world. She believes in him and is determined to help in any way she can.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 43 Recap Review

Neon says she bears some responsibility being a creation of the Goddess. So she wants to protect as much happiness as it took to create her.

Later, Neon accompanies Papa Kurama to a flower shop where he buys a bouquet for Akari. He says he brings her flowers every month since she died. Neon points out that even Papa Kurama has a heart somewhere inside, but he says he lost it a long time ago.

Neon asks why he didn’t erase the memories of Akari-san before then. Unless he wanted to remember the love he lost. Still holding on to the eight happy years he was able to spend with her.

Neon hands Papa Kurama a handkerchief before saying goodbye and leaving.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 43 Recap Review

Keiwa confidently walks into the Gang Riders’ hideout to avenge his family. Turbon has no idea who Keiwa’s family could be, but he henshins, ready to take him on.

Keiwa henshins to Bujin Sword and immediately forces him to dehenshin. Kekera walks in and has all the thugs kneel for their new leader Keiwa who takes over after having defeated Turbon.

Keiwa heads to the backroom where Beroba is waiting. She asks if Keiwa can really defeat Ace and he says he will as long as it means bringing his family back. Beroba says as long as Tsumuri’s Goddessifying is completed, any wish will be at one’s fingertips.

Keiwa takes a seat between Beroba and Kekera for a new family photo.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 43 Recap Review

Over at the greenroom, Ace, Michinaga and Win are watching the breaking news reporting on Keiwa taking over the GRs. Ace knows Keiwa is probably being forced to double down by Jitto. But they must do everything they can to prevent Tsumuri’s further exploitation.

Michinaga says to leave Keiwa to him. He leaves and visits Daichi in the hospital, telling him he deserves this fate for everything he tried to do. He asks where the magic memory tree is located at.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 43 Recap Review

Daichi says he’s lost all the memories of his acolytes, including Sara’s, due to the world changing. He also saw the news reporting on Keiwa’s dead family and says only the gods can save them now.

Michinaga goes to leave, but Daichi asks if he wants to become a savior. Daichi repeats that the tree has humanity’s collective memories and is the embodiment of his happiness. So no one will ever get to it.

Whatever, Michinaga says. Happiness means nothing when you’re dead.

As Neon walks alone, she is confronted by Numabukuro Kazuo, the criminal who kidnapped and murdered Akari and has now been ordered by Beroba to lure Papa Kurama into their web.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 43 Recap Review

Kazuo sends a ransom note to Papa and Mama Kurama. The two of them cannot believe they are reliving the same tragedy as what happened 11 years ago. First to the daughter they raised from birth. And now the daughter they raised into adulthood. Mama Kurama says she always loved them both and knows Papa Kurama felt the same way.

Papa Kurama realizes now that Neon was able to find love for herself and for others on her own when it should’ve come from them first and foremost. Mama Kurama says there is still time. Unlike 11 years ago, they have an opportunity to change their daughter’s fate.

Papa Kurama meets with Ace. He says if Ace truly wants to make the world a happy place, that means he still also deserves happiness.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 43 Recap Review

As the ransom deadline approaches, Beroba mocks Neon as she is tied up. But Neon says this is not going to make her cry. Beroba just cackles, expecting some delicious despair to feast on very soon.

Papa Kurama arrives and says he is not giving these thugs a single yen. Kazuo henshins to Kamen Rider Burari.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 43 Recap Review

But Papa Kurama whips out a Driver. Turns out, he got on his knees and begged Ace to allow him to join his DGP in order to fulfill his ideal world of a happy Neon.

“Neon is my daughter and I will protect her!” Papa Kurama henshins to Kamen Rider Gya-Go.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 43 Recap Review

Papa Kurama and Burari battle. But Beroba also joins in.

Kekera also tries to help from outside, but Ace stops him and they also battle.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 43 Recap Review

Episode Thoughts

I’ve been relatively positive with Geats these last couple of weeks. But I’m back to being whiny this week if only because this episode I think reminded me of the season’s missteps once again.

Top of the list is the season’s haphazard pacing and good ideas, but poor execution.

For example, I quite enjoy darkKeiwa. It was actually cute seeing him revert back to his softer personality/voice while still wearing eyeliner. Lol But I also can’t help but feel some of his story should’ve showed up a couple of episodes earlier. I don’t feel like it’s an endgame kind of story. Then again, I guess the whole season is about everyone’s conflicting ideals. So, I dunno.

Then take Neon’s story. Her whole thing about seeking validation from social media being due to the lack of love she received growing up, that’s a great story. But instead her story has felt too fragmented and broken up. It’s like one of those instances where the show picks up a plot point they had introduced early on, but forgot about. And are now just pulling it back out of the bag.

Papa Kurama’s (and Mama Kurama too) “redemption” arc episode is far too rushed and very unearned. Especially when he’s popped up, I mean, a few episodes across 40. A really intriguing story on paper just unable to be brought to life in the best way. This should be a major moment. But him getting to henshin is just “Umm.. sure.”

Thinking about everything else, it seems to be the same situation for Keiwa and Michinaga too. Introduce a good idea at the start, have them wander around from the 10s to the 30s and are just now getting climaxes to stories that should have been more properly built up in that same time.

And then Ace of course. I mean, talk about a bumpy ride for him.

With Daichi in the hospital, Ziin and Kyuun not a factor anymore, Win randomly popping up and Kekera and Berobra taking the antagonist leads, Jitto being badass, but only just… It all feels like snippets of a fuller picture that sadly does not exist at Episode 41. And probably will not by the end of the season. Which is sad.

But again, I’m somehow not as annoyed or upset by the wasted potential of this season compared to others. Though I’m also not particularly excited either, but just grabbing hold of anything that amuses me enough in these final weeks. Oh well!

8 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 43 – Genesis V: His Name Is Gya-Go!

  1. Last week i was comfised should I like that episode or not because where i was liking emo keiwa it was kinda frustrated to see him with evil management and buffa taking L
    But this week was definitely ruin my mood i was so excited to see keiwa as an evil ruler of his desire world but instead he returned to his soft reckless side (which i missed but!) because he finally got back his family and died so soon i mean why they have to revive keiwa’s family if they had to die just after few moments they were not dgp players when they die so it would be better if they wouldn’t revive then jitt forcing keiwa to kill ace instead of let them be alive for few moments it kinda feel waste potential
    Also I know gya go was mainly for fan service of time fire but it was very sudden and rushed to see
    Also am i the only one who thinks neon final form doesn’t look like final form

    1. Yeah, it would’ve been nice to see Keiwa in his world, even if only for one episode first. Maybe end the episode with his family dying again as the cliffhanger.

  2. This kinda highlights what I was worried about with Keiwa going dark this late, instead of leading to simplification as he eliminates elements it has resulted in more sides to the fight, would have been great in the 30’s though.

    Also, the real thing that Geats needs (has needed) is more weaving of elements throughout the story and not just stop and start focus on various people.

  3. I agree. This all feels like it should’ve been established earlier. Now it just feels tacked on.

  4. Late reply, but I feel that those who talk about the Kurama parents redemption being rushedm seems to just ignore Neon’s action and involvement entirely which is actually an integral part where it’s them being inspired by her that, even though they fail to give her love, she still found it herself that she still shares with even them despite their history, by saving Kousei and encouraging him. Unless you also take that into account regarding rushed.

    1. Neon’s story definitely got pushed to the back for a lot of the season, so it feels half-hearted with the way they brought it back to set-up the conclusion here.

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