Music Monday, July 10, 2023 – NOA, VXON, Jun, Teen Top

Fresh tracks from NOA, VXON, Jun and Teen Top.

“Burn” by NOA

NOA always delivers with every release. And ‘Burn” is no exception. A catchy R&B-infused pop dance track that will definitely get you up on your feet as well. The confident lyrics have a bit of romanticism which elevates the song even more to pair with NOA’s strong performance. Just another great track from him.

“Pretty Please” by VXON

Wowow! Could this be my favorite VXON track so far? It just might be! If ALAMAT’s “Say U Love Me” was the P-pop sad boy anthem of 2022, then “Pretty Please” might be 2023’s! The sexy, yet moody R&B track is a wonderful change of pace for VXON who have offered up powerful dance tracks and bright pop tunes. But the group oozes a mature charisma with “Pretty Please,” showing off a different side of themselves while still effortlessly delivering a captivating performance. It might have missed my half-year deadline, but this track will definitely have a spot on my year end favorites list!

“Psycho” by JUN

SEVENTEEN’s Jun releases solo single “Psycho” and it is definitely an attention-grabbing song. Also a bit of a shift from his previous solo releases, “Psycho” is a dramatic alternative hyperpop track and definitely a charismatic performance from him. A very pleasant surprise from the talented artist.

“HWEEK” by Teen Top

It’s been a bit of a bumpy few months for Teen Top. But they make a triumphant comeback with the bright album 4SHO. The title track “HWEEK” perfectly captures the overall vibe of the album. A bright, energetic and fun pop track. B-side track “Next You” is a really great song. And the album includes the 2023 version of “Missing You,” instrumental of “HWEEK” and a “Sped Up” version of the title track as well.

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