Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 45 – “Ikaw ba talaga ang papa natin?”

Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 45 – Emotional Reunion

Voltes V Legacy Episode 44 Recap

The Armstrong Bros can’t believe their father has returned. Dr. Smith tells Ned that his children are right here. Mark asks Dr. Smith how they can be sure this is really Ned Armstrong, but Dr. Smith says he’s known him for a long time. He’d be the first to know if he’s real or not.

Dr. Smith orders the CBF barriers down and Ned lands his spaceship. Mark and Jamie follow the Armstrong Bros to meet Papa Armstrong who says he is back to fulfill his promise to them to come back.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 44 Recap

Papa Armstrong sees Little Jon for the first time since he was a baby and they hug. Steve and Big Bert join them. Ned promises they will never be separated again.

Ned asks where Mama Armstrong is. The Bros stay silent, but Jamie steps in to say she has gone to do fieldwork and will be back later. Jamie and Mark introduce themselves.

Dr. Smith arrives and says Ned would never forget who he is. “Richard, my friend,” Ned says, holding his hand out. Dr. Smith pauses and then takes Ned’s hand with a laugh. Dr. Smith welcomes Ned back and leads him over to debriefing.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 44 Recap

Steve says he hopes this really is Papa Armstrong. Mark and Big Bert agree. But Little Jon takes offense and says they are all bad, including Jamie for lying about his mother. Little Jon runs away.

Jamie apologizes for lying and says she just didn’t want to ruin the moment with the truth. Steve says there’s no need to say sorry, but Mark says Little Jon has a point. They have to tell Papa Armstrong the truth about Mama Armstrong.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 44 Recap

SGM Edwards comes in to Dr. Smith’s office in order to do a bioscan of Ned, as per protocol. Dr. Smith says he will do it personally, but the device does not work. Ned tells Dr. Smith to fix the device first. He’ll also work on his report, but for now, he wants to spend time with his children.

Dr. Smith tells SGM Edwards to have escorts come to watch Ned and not allow him to leave this place until he is clear.

Steve comes in and Ned asks where Mama Armstrong is. Steve tells him she is dead.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 44 Recap

They head to their beach house and Steve again asks Ned where he’s been all this time. Papa Armstrong says that is confidential and he will discuss everything with Dr. Smith first. Instead, Papa Armstrong is more excited to spend time with them. Little Jon pulls his father inside to show him his model ships.

Big Bert tells Steve that he feels guilty about doubting their father. Steve says he really hopes this is the real Ned Armstrong, otherwise Little Jon will be hurt.

Later, Octo-1 flies back to Little Jon’s room to recharge. Little Jon and Papa Armstrong head to the hangar where Voltes V is held. But SGM Edwards and Tadao stop them, saying Dr. Smith has ordered them to keep Ned out of restricted areas. Little Jon does a “Don’t you know who my father is?!” But the SGMs just need to follow orders.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 44 Recap

Another officer asks to escort Ned back to his room. But Ned says “Smith” is just paranoid and demands to let him through to the “robot na ginawa ko!”

They try to escort Ned away, but Ned fights back and gets them on the floor. Steve and Big Bert arrive. Ned explains to them that the officers don’t know how to acknowledge someone like him. He criticizes the kind of training they’ve received for them to treat him in this way.

Tadao says they’re just following orders and Steve reminds Papa Armstrong that he taught them to follow rules. Papa Armstrong apologizes for being too hot headed and says he must go rest now. They head to the quarters where he will be staying.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 44 Recap

Little Jon says Papa Armstrong is very skilled in fighting, like his kuyas and Mark and Jamie. Papa Armstrong acknowledges the camp actually trains them very well. Little Jon goes on to explain the five of them being chosen to pilot Voltes V. Papa Armstrong is very proud of them.

Down in the Skull, the generals report to Zardoz about the Boazan saucer landing in Camp Big Falcon. But Zardoz orders them to stand down and assures them the spaceship’s pilot is a comrade who will be of big help to them.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 44 Recap

Zardoz explains that humans are quite flimsy due to love for family. Zandra says humans are just like them then. But Zardoz says that is actually a weakness that is he ready to exploit. He orders his generals to just focus on the next Beastfighter which they will immediately deploy once his plans are ripe.

Back at CBF, Steve tells Little Jon to go do his homework and he leaves them for now. Big Bert says Little Jon has been so happy since Papa Armstrong’s been back. It’s the best birthday gift ever.

Steve asks Papa Armstrong if he remembers when Little Jon’s birthday is. Of course he does, Papa Armstrong replies.

But Papa Armstrong immediately changes the subject. Steve presses the issue and wants Steve to answer when all their birthdays are so as to prove he is the real Papa.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 44 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Aha! So just as we expected. First of all, of course Papa Armstrong will tell them their birthdays on Monday. They won’t buking him so

But the way they were acting all suspicious (which, they really should though lol) was so heavy handed. I mean, they really are just hitting everyone over the head with “LOOK HE’S SUSPICIOUS!” lol

I mean, you could at least string everyone along for a while and then add one suspicious thing like for the cliffhanger today or something. No need to just tell us everything we need to know. Let the audience figure it out and theorize. They did the same with Judy also. And I know they’re going to do the same with Apable’s death too, most likely.

Anyway, Little Jon probably had Octo-1 follow Papa Armstrong, wanting to prove he’s legit. But instead, finding proof he is not or something like that.

Interesting how Zardoz always goes behind his generals’ backs and does things on his own. I’d like to see that be cause for them to either doubt or turn on Zardoz in the future. Maybe not Zandra, but then put her in a tough position between her Boazanian duty and her boyfriend lol

Overall though, still a solid episode. And an overall solid week. Which is a refreshing change from previous weeks of course.

Now, there’s news/tsismis that the show is extended to 90 episodes, but no new footage is being filmed. That means STRETCH PA MORE! Lol Yikes. I don’t know how you can stretch this horribly paced show any more. But go on, I guess! lol

Voltes V: Legacy Episode 45 is available on GMA Network’s official YouTube channel:
However, it is restricted to the Philippines only. Hopefully it will be made available worldwide soon!

I’ve seen people talk about how people worldwide should subscribe to GMA Pinoy TV in order to watch the series. I’d recommend that if you are interested in watching lots of Filipino programming. But if you only want to watch Voltes V: Legacy, I don’t think it’d be a good investment. Especially since you can’t watch the series on demand anyway. GMA Pinoy TV is a linear, premium TV channel on most cable and satellite systems.

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