Meet the Teams of The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition Season 23!

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Presenting your opening credits for The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition Season 23!

This supersized season of The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition will see a supersized number of teams! Thirteen!! teams will be Racing around the world with the hopes of crossing the Finish Line first to win the prize package worth more than 10 million pesos!

Here are the THIRTEEN teams that will be Racing this season!

Elma Muros-Posadas & Jojo Posadas Married Sports Icons
Filipino track legend Elma Muros is no stranger to competition. Including reality TV competition too! This Survivor Philippines alum knows what it takes to go up against fierce rivals. And through all her battles, her husband Jojo has been by her side. Now they will compete side-by-side against 12 other teams. But they know they have what it takes to reach that Finish Line first. Elma has definitely done that once or twice before!

MM & MJ Magno Twins
Twins MM and MJ Magno have had successful showbiz careers. Popular songs, members of one of the first P-pop groups, actors; the talented brothers have done it all. And that includes starting their own families. But the brotherly bond remains strong and they are confident no other team will be able to match them.

Miriam Quiambao & Ardy Roberto Married Parents
Miss Universe first runner up Miriam Quiambao is no stranger to fierce competition. But this time, she will be competing with husband Ardy Roberto on this Race around the world. Though they live a relaxing, quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, Miriam & Ardy know they have the brains and the brawn to best the other teams.

Ehra & Michelle Madrigal Sisters
Showbiz sisters Ehra and Michelle Madrigal may have stepped away from the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean they are any less prepared for the challenges of Racing around the world. The two have accomplished a lot in their non-showbiz lives so far. And they feel the combination of their experience both in and out of showbiz will help them reach the Finish Line.

Christian “C13” Santos & Sam Cafranca P-pop Idols
VXON members C13 and Sam have the moves and the vocals. But do they have what it takes to make it far in the Race? They believe so! The Race might seem relatively easy compared to the rigorous idol training they’ve undergone before debuting. But they know that experience has prepared their minds and bodies for any challenge the Race will throw at them.

Jacob & Jerika Ejercito Siblings
Siblings Jacob and Jerica Ejercito may come from a very well-known and accomplished family, but the Race will be the first time either of them actually steps out into the spotlight on their own. Successful and happy in their lives away from showbiz, the siblings are excited for the opportunity to make a name for themselves as hopefully, the next winners of The Amazing Race Philippines.

Wendell & Saviour Ramos Father/Son
Father and son Wendell and Saviour Ramos want to prove that their charismatic good looks aren’t all they have to offer. Though Wendell imparts his showbiz experience on son Saviour as he starts his own career, their collaborative relationship is what they think will take them to the end.

Ben & Mike Philips Brothers
These LaSallian baller bros have proven themselves on the court. But they know they also have what it takes to make it to the end of the Race. Using their athleticism and brotherly bond, could the Philips Brothers follow in the footsteps of fellow basketball bros and TARPHDME All-Stars Shaun & Dave Ildefonso?

Ina Raymundo & Erika Poturnak Mother/Daughter
This beautiful mother/daughter duo relish the opportunity to Race around the world and show what strong women can really do. Ina is a veteran of Philippine showbiz and that experience is what she hopes to impart more on daughter Erika while in the competition. Their close bond and friendship is what they think can help them overcome any obstacle.

Kakai Bautista & Cai Cortez Friends
Aside from being talented actresses and comediennes, these best friends are also confident and empowered women. On the surface, it might seem like they may not be taking things seriously. But they believe their fun personalities and life experiences are just what they need to make it to the end of the Race.

Sheryn Regis & Mel De Guia Partners
Sheryn Regis and Mel De Guia have enjoyed life together and recently celebrated their first anniversary, going on their second. As they proudly share their happy relationship with the world, they hope the Race will be an opportunity for them to grow even stronger together. And that determination could be what leads them to the Finish Line.

Tom & Antoinette Taus Siblings
These talented siblings know how to have fun, but also know when it’s time to buckle up and get serious. Tom and Antoinette expect their sibling bond and decades of experience in showbiz to power their Race to the Finish Line.

Doug & Chesca Kramer Married Parents
Doug and Chesca proudly call their family “Team Kramer.” And that close bond and competitive nature are in their blood. Coming on the Race, the #TeamKramer motivation will pair with their brains, brawn and heart as they believe they have what it takes to reach the Finish Line first.

“Casting Director’s” Commentary

So as you may or may not know, since I started “casting” TARPHDME, the main criteria is whether or not I could find some opening credits-worthy video of each team. Lol Sometimes there will be celeb teams I will really want to see on the cast and on any potential real TARPH. But if I can’t find any good opening credits-worthy video, you’re dropped from consideration. Lolol

In casting this season, I realized I might be running out of potential teams. So that obviously means another Returning Racers or All-Star season lol. We might not be able to wait until TARPHDME25 for another All-Star season. That is, if TARPHDME survives until season 25 lolol

Anyway, I was able to get a solid mix of teams. And yes, there are 13 teams in order to accommodate a “bigger” Race. More on that when the season begins.

The top priority for this season though was Elma Muros and Jojo Posadas. Track great Elma was of course a contestant on GMA’s Survivor back in the day. And I recently watched an episode of her family on Family Feud. So I thought they would be awesome to have on TAR.

We have a lot of sibling teams. One each of same-sex siblings (I mean sisters and brothers) and then two co-ed sibling teams. TAR loves their twins and I think this is the first time TARPHDME (or even TARPH in general!) has a twin team. So that’s great. I can see the Magno Twins being a very strong team.

Tom & Antoinette are a good team to have, especially for their longtime fans who remember them as kiddos. And Jacob & Jerika’s angle of being part of a big showbiz family, but not necessarily in the spotlight is great.

Ehra & Michelle are also out of the spotlight, but I think they can be a competitive, fierce team.

We of course have a lot of couples. Aside from Elma & Jojo, we have Miriam & Ardy to be an “older” team while also having a beauty queen Racer, another favorite character for TAR. Sheryn & Mel are an LGBTQ couple. And Sheryn’s story as well would be great for TAR. Doug & Cheska would be a typical alpha married couple.

Two parent-child teams. First, father and son Wendell & Saviour. I also considered Wendell and his daughter. But I saw that she’s actually too young for the Race. And I needed another male team, so a father/son team it is. Ina & Erika are also a great potential team. They could be a strong mother/daughter pair that I think could be very competitive.

Kakai & Cai were actually a very last-minute replacement! Not even one of the waiting alternates actually! Though I’ve considered both separately, I’ve been waiting to see who they would be paired up with. Didn’t expect they could be paired up with each other! So as soon as I got the perfect video for them, I swapped out another all-female team for them instead. (Clue: It’s a mother/daughter duo.) And I quite like them as part of this cast. We need more non-family members anyway! lol

Finally, two more alpha male teams. Like I mentioned above, Benjamin & Mike could follow in the footsteps of the Teng and Ildefonso Bros on TARPHDME. And they had a good video for Cignal’s UAAP channel, so that’s why they were cast! Lol We’ll always have either a basketball team or a volleyball team on TARPHDME lol

And I definitely wanted to have a P-pop team. TAR China is one TAR that particularly loves to cast idol teams every season. And after ALAMAT last season, I was looking for a girl group team, but most of the girl groups are too young for TAR! Lol. So I turned to VXON and decided on C13 and Sam.

Overall, I’ll be honest, it’s not one of the more exciting TARPHDME casts. But the different personalities would be interesting to watch on an Amazing Race season. And there are some All-Star-worthy teams here too I think!

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