Thursday Tunes, June 15, 2023 – The New Six, P1Harmony, AleXa, Bullet Train

Great comebacks and new discoveries! Here’s The New Six, P1Harmony, AleXa and Bullet Train.

“Kick It 4 Now” by THE NEW SIX (TNX)

THE NEW SIX, also known as TNX, release the awesome “Kick It 4 Now.” A bit of a refreshing track for a little refresh of the band. And it is a fun, breezy and retro pop dance track that definitely evokes that nostalgic 90s feel. From the album Boyhood, my favorite tracks are “Good Day” and “My Bias.”

“Jump” by P1Harmony

P1Harmony will always come out with an energetic performance. And “Jump” is no exception. They have their familiar swag and charisma with this interesting hip-hop-infused dance track. The group looks great and they have no problem delivering a strong performance. But after first listen, I’m not sure it’ll be one of my favorite tracks from them. Thankfully for me, tracks “Love Me For Me” and “More Than Words” from Harmony: All In are much more my speed.

“Juliet” by AleXa

American Song Contest champion AleXa is back with this beautiful track “Juliet.” It is an especially captivating track from AleXa with her dreamy vocals gliding across the emotional lyrics. The music video matches the ethereal vibes of the track. And it is just another wonderful display of AleXa’s immense talent.

“Mora Mora” by Bullet Train

I stumbled upon this track while swiping through TikTok and I’m glad I did! I immediately enjoyed the track “Mora Mora” and thanks to it, I was able to get to know experienced J-pop group Bullet Train. The catchy dance track is one you can’t help but enjoy and groove along to. And in checking out the rest of the songs on their most recent album, I think I found a new group to follow!

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