Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger: The Secrets of King Racules, Episode 1

King-Ohger Secrets of Racules Episode 1 Recap

Racules visits Vedalia down in the palace lab to ask for updates on King-Ohger Zero. Before she shows him, she realizes that doing so means she is one step closer to death. Racules says yes, after she completes research on activating Ohgercalibur Zero and solving the mystery of the mural, she will be executed.

Vedalia jokes that she should just run away. But Racules knows she can’t stop researching even if she’s close to death.

King-Ohger Secrets of Racules Episode 1 Recap

“You better give me a proper burial,” she says. Racules promises.

Vedalia opens the door to reveal King-Ohger Zero. Racules’ eyes widen at the spectacular sight. Vedalia puts her hand over Racules’ eyes, but he swats it away. She offers him hard candy and he refuses so she swallows it whole herself.

King-Ohger Secrets of Racules Episode 1 Recap

Back in the throne room, Douga asks if Racules can fully trust Vedalia with Ohgercalibur Zero. Since the sword has been passed down from the first Shugoddam king, it would be very bad if she ran away with it.

Racules says Vedalia works for Shugoddam and will die for Shugoddam.

King-Ohger Secrets of Racules Episode 1 Recap

Down in the lab, Vedalia is shocked when the sword reacts to her hand. She remembers Racules swatting it away earlier. She grabs the sword and it glows, much to her amusement.

Boshimar runs to Racules to report that a Bugnarak has attacked the lab. They hurry down and find a strange orange-themed figure. Douga charges at them, but he gets swatted away.

King-Ohger Secrets of Racules Episode 1 Recap

The figure greets King Racules and then goes to attack him with the sword. Racules is able to dodge the attacks before the figure turns to target Vedalia’s assistant Kofuki. But Racules shields Kofuki and stops the sword with his hand, causing it to bleed.

Racules tells Kofuki that he can’t let him die yet.

Suddenly, the cut in Racules’ hand immediately heals. The figure knew that the king’s DNA is special.

King-Ohger Secrets of Racules Episode 1 Recap

Racules proclaims himself the king of the first kingdom and it is fate that he will now henshin to Ohkuwagata(r)-Ohger.

Kofuki watches as Racules takes on the orange Bugnarak and easily slashes at them before impaling them with his Calibur.

“Remember… your promise,” the orange figure says. Racules delivers a Lord Finish and the figure, who turns out to be Vedalia, is defeated.

Racules calls Rita to confess to killing someone and demands he be put on trial.

King-Ohger Secrets of Racules Episode 1 Recap

Episode Thoughts

I had no idea what this was when I started it, but now that I’ve watched it, I like it a lot! Racules has a lot of potential for great story. So I enjoyed getting to see him be the star here.

It’s an interesting little peek behind the curtain, so to speak. I think the events of this special are supposed to take place before Episode 1. So it’s a nice flashback, in a way, to Racules and his activities before we met him.

I’ll wait until the last episode to decide if I would’ve preferred to have seen this story in-series. But so far, I think it is a good side-story as it might not necessarily add too much yet to Racules as a character. But we’ll see in the two episodes next.

Vedalia seems to be an interesting character too that I think would’ve been great to see on the series more.

And nice to see some Racules-Rita interaction. I’m excited to see the trial in the next episode.

Also, the Bugnarak/not-Bugnarak form of Vedalia looks like a villain version of Kamen Rider Ghost. I did wonder if Vedalia was actually a ghost from the start. But seeing the orange suit later made me think even more that that’s the case. Hmm… lol Anyway, I like the look, actually. It would be fun to see a sidestory crossover between Sentai and Kamen Rider with villain suits inspired by heroes of either series.

Anyway, great to see Racules in his own story. And I look forward to the other two episodes.

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