Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 39 – Genesis I: My Dezagura

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 39 Recap Review

Keiwa, Michinaga and Neon are shocked to look up in the sky and see the world being remade with their own eyes. Tsumuri is surprised Ace chose to keep her here on purpose when the DGP audience and management have left already.

Ace says he still needs a Navigator to help run his DGP.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 39 Recap Review

Later, Neon and Sara meet up downtown while Michinaga surprises Keiwa at the Sakurai apartment. They all wonder why they still have their memories.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 39 Recap Review

Michinaga tells Keiwa that this has never happened before. And Ace explains to Tsumuri that it is important they all retain their memories of their desires and of everyone they’ve lost. Ace believes Riders should be able to chose their own fates. While he was able to save Keiwa and Michinaga’s Core IDs, he was not able to do the same for Neon and Sara’s.

Ace is hungry so Tsumuri serves him some lunch as they continue to talk about the present state of affairs. Tsumuri says using the Goddess’ power required a lot of retired players’ desires, so there’s only so much Ace can do. Ace says he’ll just take it one step at a time until everyone in the world can be happy.

“So that is your true objective,” Tsumuri concludes. Ace says that’s why he still needs her here, “Nee-san.” Tsumuri cringes that they still have that kind of relationship.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 39 Recap Review

Meanwhile at the skate park, a security guard suddenly turns into a Jyamato. Tsumuri explains that a Grand End does not remove all Jyamato. And those surviving Jyamato often become the basis for urban legends and myths regarding evil spirits.

Ace says he figured as much over his 2000 years of life. Tsumuri asks if she should deliver a Driver to Keiwa and Michinaga, but Ace says that’s for them to decide.

Ace hurries downtown on a skateboard and henshins to Geats IX to quickly finish off the Jyamato. But a mini-Jyamato seems to jump out of the security guard after defeat before it burns up.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 39 Recap Review

After, Keiwa and Michinaga approach Ace to ask what’s going on. Ace says he remade the world and has started the DGP up again with him in charge as the God of Creation. He adds that someone has to clean up the world and asks them if they would like to join. He won’t force them and says there’s no reward this time.

After Ace leaves, Keiwa and Michinaga head to the walkway tunnel to talk about their feelings of joining the DGP again. Keiwa says the Goddess can’t repent for her sins now that she’s gone. Michinaga says Ace fighting alone might be his way of atoning.

On the other side of town, Sara accompanies Neon to look for a new apartment. Neon immediately chooses one and says she is a bit nervous living on her own for the first time. They talk about the new world. Neon was surprised Ace had remade it and Sara says Keiwa told her about Ace running a new DGP.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 39 Recap Review

Neon is sure they will be fine with Ace protecting them.

Sara asks what Neon intends to do now. Neon says that since she is unable to be a Rider anymore, she must take care of the things she has to do on her own.

In the meantime, Sara offers to help Neon go shopping for furniture.

Over in the greenroom, Tsumuri reports to Ace that no Jyamar Area has been created. Thus the Jyamato that popped up was acting on its own and not part of some game.

Just then, Win walks in and tells a surprised Tsumuri that since he is a former DGP employee, he’s here to help any way he can. Ace reminds him that there is no pay though, except for perhaps the kind of happiness money can’t buy.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 39 Recap Review

For now, Win will stay on former management’s tail. Ace says he will count on him and they fist bump. Tsumuri is happy to see them working together.

Ace and Tsumuri head to the Jyamar Garden to look for clues. They spot Jyamato fluid dripping about and then see a figure walking through the forest. Ace thinks it is a person lurking around, not a Jyamato.

While working on his resume at an outdoor café, Keiwa spots a mini-Jyamato pop into a man. He engages the Jyamato and urges everyone else to get to safety.

Papa Kurama is watching the breaking news reporting on Jyamato appearing all over Tokyo. He makes a call, saying the government was supposed to suppress the news regarding Jyamato. The government official says they will no longer bend to their will since the DGP and its wish-granting is gone. That’s why he suggests Papa Kurama better destroy any incriminating evidence he may have.

Neon walks downtown and sees a breaking news report on the Kurama home being raided by police due to suspicion of involvement in the monster attacks in the city.

Just then, another Jyamato pops up and Neon tries to fight it. She wishes she had her Rider powers. But Ace arrives just in time to help. He henshins to Geats IX and easily takes care of the Jyamato. He again notices the mini-Jyamato and shoots at it.

Neon asks why there are Jyamato still around and Ace says the Jyamato are acting in a different way from before.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 39 Recap Review

Keiwa, meanwhile, is still fighting the Jyamato until Kekera arrives, in his human form, and introduces himself to Keiwa. Kekera explains that he was able to obtain a “visa” that allows him to stay in this world. He shows his desire card asking for “the right to stay in this world until I’ve gotten my ideal laughs.”

Kekera says he will not let Keiwa become just another one of the masses. But Keiwa turns and asks what Kekera is plotting now.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 39 Recap Review

Kekera asks if Keiwa can really just stand back and watch someone get attacked by a Jyamato. Keiwa charges toward the Jyamato in response.

Elsewhere, Michinaga runs into Beroba. She shows him her desire card asking for the right to stay until she gets her fill of despair. She tells Michinaga that the Jyamato are evolving and asks Michinaga if he will really just leave it all to Ace.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 39 Recap Review

Meanwhile, Daichi is the one working with the new mini-Jyamato and he cackles about starting his new Parasite Game.

Suddenly, Ace and Neon are surrounded by zombies who turn into Jyamato.

Samasu speaks with a hooded figure to remind him that Sueru has ordered he complete the Grand End. The man calls it a simple task. But Samasu warns caution because Ace holds the powers of creation. He believes they just need to counter Ace’s creation powers with their own.

The man removes his hood and declares they need to make Tsumuri the new Goddess.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 39 Recap Review

Episode Thoughts

It was an okay episode. Basically setting the stage for the nuDGP and showing us where Ace’s head is at this moment. Kinda funny to see him want happiness and world peace and all that, to be honest.

The more interesting part of the episode was just seeing the others think about their experiences and how to live their lives now. It was good to see the two sides too. Neon and Sara who don’t have access to Rider powers and Michinaga and Keiwa who do.

Seeing them, especially Keiwa and Michinaga think about whether or not to involve themselves again in the God forsaken game of DGP was actually quite nice. And it adds to the uncertainty that Ace’s mysterious, fickle mind holds as the new DGP boss.

Having Kekera and Beroba pop up like that was so overly convenient. Same with Win. It kind of negates the events of last episode. But it’s like an “anything goes” situation what with Ace essentially being God now.

Interesting to see Daichi back. Should’ve had him take over for Archimedel sooner than now. Not excited to see yet another new character. Especially this late in the game, so to speak.

Anyway, overall, an okay episode that basically served as a set-up for these coming final episodes.

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