Thursday Tunes, June 1, 2023 – CIX, HELLO GLOOM, AB6IX and ASH ISLAND.

Some song of the year candidates today with new songs from CIX, HELLO GLOOM, AB6IX and ASH ISLAND.

“Save Me, Kill Me” by CIX

Wait a minute! I was speechless as the music video for CIX’s latest comeback title track started. I don’t know if it was common knowledge for all the CIX fans out there, but I had no idea the MV for “Save Me, Kill Me” would call back to the group’s excellent (and very emotional!) Hello, Strange Place short film/series. If I remember correctly, that series was in preparation for their first comeback after debut. And I thought it was an amazing creative offering for a rookie group.

So now fast forward to three years later in the present day and the “Save Me, Kill Me” music video picks up right where the story film left off. A perfect dramatic depiction of the song’s emotional, meaningful lyrics. The song is really a great reminder of the group’s versatility. Being able to deliver powerful tracks like this while also doling out catchy pop dance tracks.

The other three tracks from the album OK Episode 2: I’m OK convey the same emotional, yet hopeful feelings of the title track. An unexpected, but very welcome release from CIX!

“Eyes on Me” by HELLO GLOOM

Na Ungjae, also known as HELLO GLOOM, is back with his latest. And “Eyes on Me” is another excellent track from the talented artist and the collective The Faker Club. The soulful dance track has a euphoric summer feel. A perfect song that would get you grooving in the club. (Not that I’d know anything about that lol) Or perhaps enjoying the warm on a Philippine beach like HELLO GLOOM does in the song’s music video. Definitely a song to add to your summer playlist.

“Loser” by AB6IX

AB6IX releases the strong “Loser” as the title track for their latest comeback. The pop dance track has a catchy melody and especially catchy chorus. And the song’s dramatic energy and of course, the group’s charismatic performance perfectly conveys the meaningful lyrics. The rest of the album The Future is Ours Lost has four other, great tracks as well.

“Wonder” by ASH ISLAND”

“Rose in the Heart” by ASH ISLAND

If you have not heard of rapper ASH ISLAND yet, his latest album Rose will be a great introduction. I first learned of him when he collaborated with HA:TFELT on the song “Satellite,” one of my favorite songs from Park Yeeun. I’ve followed his music from time to time since then. And I saw that he had released a music video for “Rose in the Heart” last week. The moody, midtempo track is a great vibe. But I then found out that it was actually not the title track from the album. That is actually “Wonder,” which he released at the beginning of May. The feel-good track is an excellent vibe and one I immediately liked. Another track to add to your summer playlist. And the rest of the album Rose features a great mix of songs as well.

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