Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 7 – Alpha Team

Voltes V Legacy Episode 7 Recap

Zardoz is being briefed about what this planet Earth is all about. General Zandra thinks the beings on Earth look gross and slave-like. Zambojil is not surprised why Hrothgar would choose that place as his hideout.

Zardoz thinks the traitorous Hrothgar must have shared their civilization’s advanced technology with the tao of Earth. Baron Zander assures Zardoz that Generals Draco (an elite soldier), Zandra (a fresh-blooded scientist) and Zuhl (genius inventor) will be of immense help to Zardoz on his mission to conquer that disgusting planet.

Zambojil says this is how much he trusts Zardoz to complete the mission, lending him their best.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 7 Recap

Later, Zandra says she is honored to be on this mission with Zardoz. Though really, she appears to be intensely attracted to him.

When all the preparations are ready, Zardoz bids farewell for now to Boazan and assures the peoples that he will successfully conquer Earth.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 7 Recap

Back on Earth, Little Jon is asking his mother if she believes in aliens. She turns the question back to him and he says with the universe being so big, he’s sure human beings aren’t the only ones out here.

Just then, the PK president and vice-president Steve and Bert come waltzing in, excitedly gushing over the Voltes V robot. Mama Mary Ann reminds the two that they promised not to go around telling people about what they see at camp.

Little Jon asks his mother if there really is a Voltes robot at the camp. Mama Mary Ann tells him to go inside and prepare for an exam later. Little Jon reluctantly leaves.

Mama Mary Ann tells her two older sons that she’s just worried. She knows Dr. Smith showed them the big robo in preparation for training to decide who will pilot it. This is why she didn’t want them to undergo training in the first place.

Steve and Bert say this is what they want and that they want to make her and their father proud. Mama Mary Ann just doesn’t want them to be in danger.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 7 Recap

Next day, training continues. They will undergo martial arts, physical agility, gunmanship and flight training. Lt. Somera warns them they will go through hell and must be the best of the best to be one of the final five Votes V pilots.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 7 Recap

Meanwhile, Little Jon calls Dr. Smith and asks if he can see the big robo at camp. Dr. Smith says he’ll need to ask his mother first. But Little Jon knows what the answer will be. “It really sucks to be a kid,” he says.

Dr. Smith tells Little Jon that a mother knows best. Little Jon wants to be a hero like his father though. Dr. Smith says that’s why Mama Mary Ann wants him to be careful. Little Jon should enjoy his childhood. And once he grows up, he’ll get his chance to prove himself.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 7 Recap

After hanging up, Little Jon says he doesn’t want to wait. He looks at a photo of his father, telling him he knows that he would want him to be a hero even if he’s just a kid.

Later that evening, Little Jon sneaks into CBF. And when he stumbles upon Dr. Smith reporting to Col. Robinson about the training as well as the Voltes robot’s capabilities, he confirms that the rumors are true.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 7 Recap

Elsewhere, the cadets assemble at the final training course. Mark points out there aren’t any obstacles and asks if they’re going to have a picnic. Big Bert says if that’s the case, he’ll definitely be the top of this mission. The other cadets laugh it up.

Lt. Somera says they won’t be laughing too much longer because tonight, their mission will be to get through their seniors. Only the ones who can fight off the specialists and make it to the top of the hill will move on. Everyone else will be eliminated from pilot contention.

Steve tells Ava not to leave his side. He also tells Jamie to be safe, which Ava does not like to see.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 7 Recap

The mission quickly begins with the cadets taking on the specialists in hand-to-hand combat. CockySteve engages with Spc. Apable who suddenly whips out a gun. Steve asks why he has a sidearm when this is supposed to just be training. He assumes it’s not loaded, but Spc. Apable shows that’s not the case by shooting behind Steve.

Steve changes his tune and tries to calm Spc. Apable down, reminding him this is just a mission. Spc. Apable lowers his gun. But Steve immediately reverts back to his arrogance so Spc. Apable shoots past his arm and runs off. Steve falls to the ground. (But we all know it’s just a daplis.)

Voltes V Legacy Episode 7 Recap

Episode Thoughts

An okay episode. It was mostly scenes of just training, but with a lower dose of yabang. So that was good and fun. But in the end, Steve couldn’t help himself I guess.

Yan tuloy. Yabang mo kasi Steve! Malapit magiging bully sa kaka-PK mo!

Like seriously, if this were a Sunday morning show, then the lesson of the week would be: “Don’t be an asshole.” Or “Fuck around and find out.” Steve’s learning that lesson the hard way. And for the fleeting moment, it’s great to see him get knocked down a peg or two.

At the same time, we know he’s not going to be hurt by a bullet. Let alone a bullet that just grazed his shoulder. So I’m all “Get up bro! You’re not Lebron! This isn’t the NBA! No need to flop!” lol

Anyway, while I do appreciate the sloooow foundation laying of the show to add some depth, I do think the pacing needs to pick up a little bit. Which then reminds me that this is an 80 episode series. So it won’t be long before I start wondering if the story can hold out that long. I know the episode count is a return on investment thing for GMA. But it’s kind of hard to envision how the series will play out if it continues with this kind of pacing. I mean, 50-episode toku seasons can feel quite long especially when the story is a bit thin. So we’ll see where Voltes V: Legacy goes.

Anyway, the best scenes of this episode were again anything with Little Jon. Love seeing his solo scene with Mama Mary Ann. And love seeing more of his friendship with Dr. Smith. I’m gonna need to see more of Little Jon winning please! Looking forward to the moment Mama Mary Ann acknowledges that Little Jon can more than handle becoming the hero. It will be a great moment. Unless the show decides to underwhelm again like they did with Zardoz yesterday 🤭

Speaking of, very basic scenes back on Boazan. The scenes would’ve played out exactly the same without Zardoz learning about his father having come from Earth. How about instead, maybe Zambojil confirms that Hrothgar had escaped to Earth, but he doesn’t tell Zardoz. Instead, knowing this information and wanting to punish Hrothgar in the worst way possible, Zambojil merely gives Zardoz the #ConquerEarth mission as a way to prove himself or something. But then later, he reveals the “truth” to Zardoz which would fuel his motivation to complete the mission. Or result in a scene where, I dunno, Zardoz comes face to face with a Dr. Ned Armstrong who turns out to be his father.

I think that would be much more impactful. But it is what it is.

If the Little Jon scenes were the best of the episode, the funniest scenes were of Zandra making it quite obvious she wants Zardoz more than just a commander. Lol She looked like she wanted to jump on him. Like, calm down ma’am. There’s plenty of time for that during your journey to Earth. Lol

Overall, it was an okay episode. More character building and foundation laying I guess. And I get what they’re trying to do. It’s only Episode 7, after all. (Again with the episode count!) But if they wanted to speed and spice things up a bit, I would welcome it. Very much so. 🤭

Voltes V: Legacy Episode 7 is available on GMA Network’s official YouTube channel:
However, it is restricted to the Philippines only. Hopefully it will be made available worldwide soon!
As of this post, they’ve posted the episode in three parts:

The single video upload of the episode (again, available only in the Philippines) will come tomorrow, Philippine time.

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  1. Matagal na since last pinanood ko yung anime. Pero gusto kin yung focus na binibigyan nila kay Little Jon.

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