Recap: Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 2 – The Origin

Voltes V Legacy Episode 2 Recap

Our humble narrator takes us back 20 years to the planet of Boazan. Baron Zander violently questions one of the horn-less alipin, accusing one of them of being a thief. Science Minister Hrothgar orders Baron Zander to stop and warns him that if he wishes to remain in his position, he and his soldiers must stop their cruel treatment of the slaves.

Baron Zander apologizes and joins Zambojil and his mother Contessa as they look on. The alipin, Magus, kneels in gratitude to Hrothgar who asks him to please not do that. Magus hopes that because of his kindness and especially his respect of the slaves, Hrothgar will one day become Emperor.

Baron Zander tells Zambojil that he is the most deserving to succeed the emperor, especially since he is the son and Hrothgar is only his cousin. Contessa says if Hrothgar ever become Emperor, he will surely free slaves and they cannot allow that to happen.

Zambojil asks his mother and Baron Zander to help him bring Hrothgar down.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 2 Recap

That evening, Hrothgar meets with the emperor and shows him the Ultra Electromagnetico, his newest spaceship with the most advanced technology. Hrothgar hopes to share this new technology with any planet of which it could be of help.

The emperor commends Hrothgar for being both an intelligent and kind man. Which is why he has chosen him as his successor. Hrothgar is reluctant to accept the throne, especially since the emperor has his son Zambojil.

The emperor says his son will understand. But he feels the throne must go to someone with the knowledge and skills to develop and grow their planet and others in the galaxy.

Hrothgar thanks the emperor and promises not to let him down.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 2 Recap

After a while, the emperor dies and Hrothgar is about to be crowned. Contessa is livid that the emperor left them with no power. He did not marry her and continued to treat Zambojil like the illegitimate son. But Zambojil is sure that he will take the throne once he reveals Hrothgar’s secret.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 2 Recap

On the day of the coronation, the upper class has all gathered at the palace. But just before the crown is set on Hrothgar’s head, Zambojil storms into the throne room. With him is Hrothgar’s friend Doctor Baden whom Zambojil says knows the truth about Hrothgar being a traitor.

Dr. Baden apologizes to Hrothgar, saying Zambojil threatened to have his family arrested and thrown in jail. Soldiers grab Hrothgar, allowing Zambojil to snap off his horns to reveal that he is actually a child of slaves.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 2 Recap

The horned dignitaries demand Hrothgar be imprisoned. Zambojil tells the soldiers to punish Hrothgar first. Hrothgar’s wife Rozalia summons her dagger and attempts to stab Zambojil, only to get slapped down to the floor.

Hrothgar takes the dagger, but Zambojil punches him back down. The soldiers drag Hrothgar, Rozalia and Hrothgar’s mother away. Dr. Baden picks up the dagger and hides it in his cloak.

Baron Zander leads the chants as Zambojil is officially crowned the new Emperor.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 2 Recap

Hrothgar is taken to the Boazan Penal Colony Mines to serve out his punishment alongside other slaves. He demands to know where his wife and mother are. But Baron Zander says it doesn’t matter since Hrothgar will be forever imprisoned here.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 2 Recap

Later, the new Emperor Zambojil makes an appearance at the mines. He mocks Hrothgar and informs him that his wife and mother were executed this morning by having their heads chopped off. Both are now dead, including the baby Rozalia was carrying.

Hrothgar seethes with anger, but soldiers proceed to beat him. As they walk away, Baron Zander laughs to Zambojil that Hrothgar actually believed him. Zambojil tells him to shush and then tells the soldiers that’s enough. Hrothgar tells them to keep going and just kill him now and end his suffering. But Zambojil wants to see Hrothgar suffer for everything he’s done to him.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 2 Recap

Zambojil addresses the other slaves and says they will not be able to reach the progress they deserve until he conquers all the planets in the universe, including the planet of people called Earth. That’s why he will order the slaves to build more weapons and spaceships. Any planet who will not bow down to him will feel his wrath.

Back in the tents, Magus and another slave bring Hrothgar some water. Magus reminds him of the time he helped him at the market and they express how inspired they are by Hrothgar’s bravery. That’s why they and other slaves are motivated to take a stand against the oppressive Emperor. Hrothgar says they are no match against Zambojil’s weapons. But Magus shows Hrothgar that they have weapons as well.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 2 Recap

Though they have had these weapons for a while, they had no means of escape as they do not know how to use the Portalis. But Hrothgar does, so now may be the best time.

Hrothgar refuses to help so as not to put the rest of them in danger. But they ask him if he will really allow Zambojil to continue oppressing not only the Boazanians, but other civilizations as well?

Hrothgar says if they are truly set on it, then they must use the Portalis to return to the capital. That’s where they can secure the spaceships to leave the planet and seek allies on other worlds.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 2 Recap

That night, Hrothgar and the other prisoners make their move. They engage the soldiers in battle until they are able to reach the Portalis.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 2 Recap

Episode Thoughts

So it was an interesting feeling with this episode. Yesterday, I felt like I was watching a nitiasa, Superhero Time series in Filipino. Today, I felt like I was watching an episode of Encantadia. And I don’t mean that in a bad way! It was just a funny, interesting feeling.

Of course, this episode was all about rewinding back to the start. Where this heroes’ epic all began. So less on the big robo battles, more on laying the groundwork for the drama that is yet to come.

Now, don’t spoil me if you are more well-versed in Voltes V, but is Zardoz going to be Hrothgar and Rozalia’s son? So the Armstrong Bros’ half-brother?! I must say, that’s a very toku-type of story. But also! A very Filipino teleserye-type of story too! Lolol

So if they are siblings, it will be fun to watch play out later on. I mean, the trailers include what looks like a climactic battle between Steve and Zardoz. The Battle of the Brothers in the final episodes! It will be great to see, especially knowing both Miguel Tanfelix and Martin del Rosario are both great actors.

Speaking of, Christian Vasquez is absolutely relishing his role as Zambojil. He’s definitely playing it up and it’s very fun to see. The kind of love-to-hate villain that gets under your skin.

Dennis Trillo is perfectly cast as Hrothgar too. And while we didn’t get to see much from Max Collins who is also great, I look forward to seeing Dennis with Carla Abellana. And seeing how the Armstrong family gets started. It’ll be those kinds of moments that help give depth to the series alongside all the fun action.

Voltes V Legacy Episode 2 Recap
Voltes V Legacy Episode 2 Recap

The visuals continue to be really good. While you can definitely point out the CGI backgrounds if you look hard enough, they are much more seamless than what Toei is using now for King-Ohger. On one hand, maybe it’s not a fair comparison since Voltes V had at least a year and more to perfect the scenes. Sentai and Kamen Rider, meanwhile, have a much quicker turnaround. Somewhere around a month or two from filming to airing.

So it’s just something I noticed being a fan of Voltes V‘s Toei cousins too.

Like I mentioned earlier though, this episode felt a little like an Encantadia episode with the scenes in the palace especially. But the good thing is I’m sure Director Mark Reyes built on his experience from Encantadia to find what’s best for Voltes V. (And also vice versa as he moves on to the next Encantadia series coming up too.)

One nitpick though. I don’t know if it’s just GMA’s YouTube upload or what. But the sound during some parts of the episode seemed muffled. Especially the explosions and laser blasts. Like, you expect a loud bang or boom. Even with a punch or slap. But it didn’t happen. Maybe I’m just used to the big sounds of Kamen Rider and Sentai?

Overall, a solid episode. Definitely a good foundation and world-building episode. Especially for a Voltes V rookie like myself. It’ll be interesting to see if we stick with the backstory until we reach the present, like in chronological order. Or if they switch back and forth. That said, it’s definitely suited for this teleserye format. And I’d also be interested to see what differences and additions Voltes V: Legacy will make compared to the original.

Voltes V: Legacy, Episode 2 is available on GMA Network’s YouTube channel:

However, it is currently limited to the Philippines only. Hopefully it can be made available worldwide soon.

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