Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 22 – Divergence VI: Pursuit! Catch the Chirami Oni!

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 22 Recap Review

During his confessional, Keiwa is shocked that Sae is not the Dezastar. But even more shocked that it could be one of Ace or Neon. He just could never bring himself to sabotage another person. (Darn. Lol)

Neon gets her next Dezastar mission which is to sabotage the other players any way she wants. If she is exposed this round, her desire will forever be unfulfilled.

Over at the temple, Chirami shows the results of the latest viewer vote. Ace has 37% while Keiwa and Neon are tied with 28%. Meanwhile, 7% like chaos and have voted for Michinaga. Keiwa and Neon are annoyed that he’s eligible for voting. Chirami reminds the players that the Dezastar will win the DGP regardless of viewer votes as long as they reach the end without being exposed.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 22 Recap Review

Michinaga is with Beroba as he gets the rundown of the DGP reality show mechanics. He asks why she is his official supporter. But she says all will be revealed soon enough.

A couple of days have passed and there have been no Jyamato sightings, much to Chirami’s despair. Keiwa thinks a peaceful world is awesome. But Chirami thinks it’s a disaster.

Chirami calls Archimedel to ask when the next Jyamato delivery will be. He is worried about taking responsibility for low ratings without anything happening on the show. Archimedel tells Chirami to deal with his own problems.

Turns out Daichi had suggested holding the Jyamato back in order to force Chirami’s hand. That is, Chirami to stand in as the antagonist for this round. He henshins to Glare2 and then gleefully runs off. Tsumuri explains this round’s game is hide and seek. They have two, one-hour halves to find their Game Master while also fending off other Riders.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 22 Recap Review

The three of them henshin and take on the Riders while needing to avoid the traps they’ve set. Thinking about her mission, Neon points Keiwa in the wrong direction and he gets trapped in a cage and also gets his face drawn upon That causes him to lose ground in the viewer vote.

At a restaurant, Keiwa and Neon bicker about her pointing him in the wrong direction and Ace comments that they look like they’ve having a lover’s quarrel. The two of them quickly stand to declare they are not boyfriend/girlfriend.

Ace says Neon seems very Dezastar-ish. Neon tries to get Keiwa to side with her against Ace by bringing up all the other times he’s lied to him. Keiwa immediately thinks Ace is the Dezastar, but Neon slaps him to shut up. Ace doesn’t care, but tells Keiwa he has his best interests at heart.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 22 Recap Review

A mysterious man watches them from another table and then follows Neon outside. He says she seems very suspicious having tried to pin the blame on Ace while also being a runaway.

“What are you getting at?” Neon asks. The man tells her that not everyone who watches Neon TV is a fan. And by watching her, he believes she does not care about anyone’s happiness but her own. He says wishing misfortune on others will come back to bite her.

Before she leaves, Neon tells him to get lost if he is not a fan. The man says there’s no chance of that while she is being so naïve.

Jean meets with Ace and says his usual sketchiness could get him voted off. Ace asks Jean to trust him and Jean believes that means Ace has a plan.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 22 Recap Review

Anyway, Ace asks Jean what he thinks of the Jyamato hiatus. Jean just thinks it’s also strange. But he tells Ace about meeting with Jyamato sponsor Beroba who has really invested in them because she loves seeing human suffering. Jean has learned she has pledged support for Michinaga and that the DGP admins have approved it. But Jean believes Beroba is up to something.

Over at the greenhouse, Archimedel is excited that the Jyamato Era is about to begin. Beroba says it’s time to get the party started. Michinaga and Daichi henshin.

Ace, Keiwa and Neon are back to fighting off the extra Riders. This time, Neon helps Keiwa overcome a trap. But they are down to only ten minutes left.

Ace is about to shoot at the extra Rider, but Neon leaps in front and then accuses Ace of targeting her.

Chimera laughs at the fun drama. But Michinaga and Daichi pop up and attack him. The extra Riders retreat and leave the three alone.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 22 Recap Review

Neon fingers Ace as the Dezastar. Ace says she’s changed and much hungrier for the win. Neon thinks Keiwa is on her side, but he too has come to the realization that she is the Dezastar. Having experienced Ace’s deception for months now, Keiwa knows he would never be as sloppy as she has been in trying to hide her identity.

Keiwa realized Neon had been trying to finger Ace, but never once fingered him as the Dezastar since she already knew it was her.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 22 Recap Review

Neon realizes the man’s words about karma biting her in the ass is coming true.

Nearby, Michinaga and Daichi force Chirami to dehenshin. Beroba picks up his Driver and reveals to Chirami that they are after the Goddess of Creation. She knows the Vision Drivers are the keys to reaching her.

Beroba sways Chirami aside. But Jean comes walking up to them, demanding Beroba not ruin the rising action in the show. Beroba says what she’s planning is actually more fun and asks Jean to join them.

Jean says he’s not interested. He whips out the Laser Raise Riser and henshins to Kamen Rider Jean. He says he wants to feel the emotions.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 22 Recap Review

Episode Thoughts

Another good episode. Okay, I guess. I’m not wowed by anything, but I’m definitely not rolling my eyes at anything either. So I’ll take that as an episode win for me. 😅 The show is chugging along at a much better pace than they had been. So I like that.

For me, the best part was anything Keiwa. Of course!

Legit, as soon as Keiwa said he doesn’t vibe with doubting others and dragging them down, I was all “Ugh. Darn.” 😂 I want backstabbingKeiwa and cutthroatKeiwa. Come on! lol

But I was happy that Keiwa clued himself in to Neon being the Dezastar. I would’ve been so annoyed if he was his typical Aw shucks-naïve self. At least he overcame his overly trusting nature and had no problem laying it all out on the table for Neon.

This was probably one of the few times I also appreciated Ace and his Mr. Kitsune ways. I can imagine he wanted Neon to be exposed exactly in this way. Nothing major. But I can see how Ace would absolutely nudge things toward a way that Neon would end up exposing herself quite obviously.

Meanwhile, all the other extra characters were just okay this episode. I know the show is building up to whatever Team Jyamato has planned. And they’re ensuring that Michinaga is still his own man too and not just some lackey to Beroboss like Daichi seems willing to be.

We got introduced to another “fan.” But I really hope they become much more relevant and interesting in the future. I mean, they’re okay. But I feel more intrigued with Kekera than the other fans/supporters/Riders/whatever. Lol

Maybe it’s just me being #TeamKeiwa still. I dunno. 😅

Anyway, a good work-like episode. I’ll take it. I’m just along for the ride at this point. But I’m still hopeful I can get excited later on this season.

15 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 22 – Divergence VI: Pursuit! Catch the Chirami Oni!

  1. I almost get the feeling that whatever the rules of these games are, they are about to change again, drastically. We are building to something bigger, and I’m not entirely sure the short act structure of the current games can handle support it properly.

    1. With the season’s premise, I would have done it completely differently. Have each “season” of the DGP be used to build up to the big picture. Which would mean not having Ace winning every season. Or at least allowing Keiwa and Neon and Michinaga make bigger strides on their own rather than simply being pawns in Ace’s big game for his own agenda. We’ll see though.

      1. Or just not have had a ‘season’ of the DGP be 8 episodes. Like give us more time, lighten up the elimination rate, and give us more character for the side folk

        1. Yeah, they’ve been speeding through the DGP seasons. And I thought that would mean maybe having each of the main Riders win one and them having to deal with that new “world.” But we haven’t gotten anything like that. Honestly, you can’t even really feel like we’ve had a few “seasons” yet. It just feels like one DGP competition so far and I don’t know that it takes advantage of the possibilities with the premise.

  2. There’s nothing wrong in doubting people (if that isn’t used for something bad, or directed on someone right), people shouldn’t deem that as being backstabby or cutthroat – don’t play out common senses as something bad to do (yeah backstabbing and cutthroat are terrible traits).

  3. abunaiKeiwa would be a big twist and I would love to see it. But I think it would just go against his character too much. The show seems set on what they’ve laid out for the characters already. At least the main ones. So kind of one note, straightforward.

  4. I mean you want to root for Keiwa and Ace because their desires mean something to them while Neon just wants love which she can always get outside of the game. Plus having her be exposed by her own actions was priceless.

    Very curious to see what he Final goal here is though.

    1. The thing is here, with what they just pulled, actually makes me kinda want to root for Neon. After all, they are threatening to render it completely impossible for her to experience true love or whatever it was.

    2. That’s a good point about Keiwa and Ace. But also, the show tried infer that Neon’s desire for “love” isn’t just romantic but also a familial love or something like that. Since her parents apparently suck, she’s never received any kind of love or appreciation. Which I guess explains why she loves being a social media influencer/vlogger since her fans will shower her with likes and follows.

      But yeah, it was funny to see her expose herself so easily.

      I have no idea what the endgame might be either.

  5. Man Yeah. Finally someone who understands how stupid and annoying Neon is. Kyun just spoke up everything I had in my mind till now. I hope they won’t become friends or something by the end of the series like a few guys are guessing. Enjoyed the episode your review too

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