Good Ol’ Review: MBC’s Heartfelt “Please Send Me a Fan Letter” an Absolute Joy to Watch

Good Ol’ Review: MBC’s Heartfelt “Please Send Me a Fan Letter” an Absolute Joy to Watch

No spoilers.

MBC’s four-episode Fanletter, Please (팬레터를 보내주세요 /Please Send Me a Fan Letter) is an absolutely sweet and heartwarming miniseries. Excellent, affecting performances from Yoon Park, Choi Sooyoung and a wonderful Shin Yeon Woo really power this heartfelt and sincere story. I only regret not having watched this sooner as it would’ve absolutely made my Top 20 Korean Dramas of 2022 list. But this really is a great feel-good series with a lot of heart.

Single father Bang Jung Seok (Yoon Park) cares for his daughter Yoo Na (Shin Yeon Woo) who suffers from leukemia. Despite her condition, Yoo Na finds comfort in rooting for her favorite actress Han Kang Hee (Choi Sooyoung). Yoo Na writes a fan letter to Kang Hee with the hope that she gets a reply back. Wanting to make his daughter happy and knowing it unlikely that the top actress would ever write back, Jung Seok begins replying to Yoo Na’s letters.

Please Send Me a Fan Letter

However, Kang Hee gets wrapped up in a controversy over fan letters and gifts. And through some amusing K-drama circumstances, Kang Hee crosses paths with Jung Seok and Yoo Na. Though perhaps there’s more to their relationship than meets the eye.

Please Send Me a Fan Letter is a perfect blend of romantic comedy and emotional family drama. Jung Seok and Kang Hee’s relationship of course comes a charmingly romantic angle. Especially as the miniseries unravels their past and present. Yoon Park and Choi Sooyung, both strong actors who have delivered some great supporting performances, are perfectly cast as leads in this series. Their have a strong chemistry that makes you fall in love right along with them.

Little Shin Yeon Woo is a standout with her big performance as well. She is effortless in keeping up with her fellow lead actors. And powers some of the series’ most poignant and impactful moments.

Please Send Me a Fan Letter

Those performances help fuel the series’ strongest aspect which is its focus on the emotional and mental well-being of the characters in ways that are very relatable. Being able to overcome struggles and hardships through sincere relationships and connections is something that crosses many situations and circumstances.

In this series, that’s true of a celebrity in the public eye or a father just doing what he can to raise his daughter.

It is most refreshing to see a lot of sincerity and honesty in this series. It does not shy away from difficult topics which it handles with care and depth. That in turns fuels the lighter moments of the series. Whether it’s the scenes of friendship between Yoo Na and other children at the hospital or Jung Seok and Kang Hee enjoying the familiar trappings of sweet romance; these moments and more land perfectly and leave a positive impression on the viewer to bring together what is a thoroughly enjoyable and meaningful experience.

Please Send Me a Fan Letter

Simply, Please Send Me a Fan Letter is an absolute joy to watch. That is very refreshing in the current K-drama landscape. So that makes this miniseries all the more welcome. But it is also able to stand on its own merits. An excellent cast led by Yoon Park, Choi Sooyung and Shin Yeon Woo guide the audience through a heartfelt, sincere story of love, family, friendships and the real human bonds we can forge with each other. Just a wonderful series.

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