Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 20 – Divergence IV: Delivery From the Jyamato!

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 20 Recap Review

Chirami speaks straight to the audience to remind them how the DGP works. To win, they must rank first in the viewer ratings at the end of the final round. Or, if the Dezastar makes it to the end, they will win instead.

Keiwa gets a phone call from his sister who is struggling with trying to cut open a pineapple she received in a mysterious package that is supposed to expire at the end of the day.

Coincidentally, Jyamatos are making fruit deliveries in the city. But the fruits will explode. Tsumuri calls the Riders to the temple to share with them the Jyamato’s note revealing that they have planted fruitbombs all over the city. If they aren’t diffused by sunset, the recipients of those packages will die.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 20 Recap Review

Gardener Archimedel is pleasantly surprised his Jyamato know how to send threatening letters now. But he’s more pleased that his Jyamatos have dragged Michinaga back in.

The Riders head out for this round of the DGP as they must race against time to diffuse all the bombs. Jean is able to gift Ace with a Magnum Buckle after he is the first to defeat one of the delivery Jyamatos.

Keiwa and Ace are surprised when an apple bomb gets thrown at them even though they had driven all the Jyamato away.

But Keiwa realizes his sister must have gotten a fruitbomb so they hurry over to the apartment to find her wrapped up in explosive pineapple wires. With less than five hours left, they must figure out which of the red or blue wires will diffuse the bombs.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 20 Recap Review

In one of the audience rooms, Mama Kurama is upset that Papa Kurama would allow Neon to take part in such a deadly game. He says this is good for her independence as her bringing about world peace will grant her her desire. Papa Kurama says she also has a powerful supporter, so she’ll be fine.

After Papa Kurama leaves, Mama Kurama calls Neon to tell her to leave the game immediately. She wants Neon to just come home and marry the guy she’s chosen. Neon takes a stand and says they’ve always controlled how she has fun with friends or who she falls in love with. She will no longer allow them to restrict her life and will find happiness on her own.

Sae approaches Neon and asks if she’s okay.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 20 Recap Review

Over in the nursery, a mysterious woman approaches the gardener to ask for Michinaga’s Core ID instead of planting it in the ground. This woman is Beroba and is with Michinaga when he wakes up again.

She explains that she is a sponsor backing the Jyamato. She laughs that Michinaga is turning into one and offers they work together to take down Kamen Riders. Michinaga incorrectly assumes she’s part of the DGP administration. She takes offense to being lumped together with those people and says she just enjoys human suffering.

Beroba says they have the power to grant his ideal world too and offers herself up to be used by him.

In the green room, Keiwa paces back and forth worried for his sister. He tells Ace they just have to find a pineapple-delivering Jyamato and she’ll be fine.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 20 Recap Review

Sae tells Neon that she never expected a DGP player’s family to be targeted. So she is thinking about her own now and feeling uneasy. Neon asks what her family life was like.

Sae says her family used to run an Okinawan restaurant which went out of business when her father fell ill. Not wanting her younger siblings’ national team dreams (in tennis and soccer) die, Sae entered the DGP and desires a world where her athleticism will remain as long as she lives so she can provide for her family.

Neon says she envies how Sae really cares for her family. Sae asks Neon about her own family, but Neon says it’s complicated.

Chirami reveals the results of the mid-round Dezastar poll. Everyone except Keiwa has one vote with one of them not voting yet. Neon says they should all work together to save Sara.

The players head out when new delivery Jyamato appear in the city. Keiwa and Ace want to focus on pineapple deliveries. But the ones they’ve found have watermelons.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 20 Recap Review

Michinaga suddenly arrives and henshins to take them both on. Ace tells Keiwa to leave Michinaga to him.

Keiwa hurries over to where Neon and Sae are and finds the Jyamato with pineapples. Keiwa grabs Sae’s Zombie Buckle to use for himself. He uphenshins in order to storm into a warehouse where the pineapple Jyamato is. Keiwa destroys that Jyamato and sees a red wire where it explodes. He believes that means the red wire is what he needs to cut to save his sister. Keiwa hurries over to their apartment.

Meanwhile, Ace and Michinaga battle, much to Jean’s excitement. But Beroba suddenly walks into Jean’s audience room. He points a blaster at her saying it is for Rider supporters only and Jyamato sponsors should leave. Beroba says she has found a Rider to support now which is Michinaga.

Keiwa arrives at their apartment with 30 seconds left. He decides to cut the red wire and the pineapple disintegrates, much to Keiwa, Sara and Neon’s relief.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 20 Recap Review

Back at the warehouse, Ace and Michinaga are still fighting. But Michinaga dehenshins and writhes in pain. Ace comments that Michinaga must have given up on being human if he’s using such a dangerous Buckle. Michinaga gets up and says it’s only a matter of time before he has the power to crush Ace.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 20 Recap Review

On the other side of town, Samasu finds Niramu to tell him about a Jyamato sponsor supporting Buffa. She asks if she should approach Game Master about dealing with this. But Niramu says it’s not that simple considering it involves a sponsor.

Turns out Niramu is the DGP’s producer and he is very invested in the realism of this world.

Also turns out Sae is the Dezastar. She looks at her mission for this round having been to hit other Riders with a Jyamato fruitbomb.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 20 Recap Review

Episode Thoughts

As soon as they gave Sae her focus and backstory, I just assumed she would be revealed as the Dezasutā. That’s fine, I guess. Better than it being Ace, at least. But I was still hoping it would be Keiwa just to twist things up since I have only a few things I’m really grabbing on to to love so far this season. And Keiwa being the Dezasutā would’ve been really exciting. I guess they’re going to keep him the “Aw shucks” boy next door all season. Oh well.

Anyway, it was a nice story as it gives Sae a very valid motivation to be competing in the DGP multiple times. It will be interesting if she stays on the show longer than just this arc. Daichi is apparently back next week too. So it will be interesting to see how they play into the grand arc of the season now that we know more about the Jyamato farm.

I liked how they were able to fold in Keiwa and Neon’s family stories into the episode to pair up with Sae’s story. It also provided a bit of a contrast since of course, their path to the crown is different from Sae’s.

Kinda meh on the new sponsor if only because all these extra characters, even if minor overall and merely plot devices, since it takes time away from the main characters that I wish we got more from. Especially Ace. I feel like he’s been so one-note lately. I’m almost begging for his kitsune-ness to kick back in since at least it gives him something to do lol

But I guess they’re working on fleshing out the DGP and the Jyamato town. Which is definitely needed as well. Perhaps they’re prepping for the midseason climax. And I think there’s a lot of potential for something nice there. But we’ll see!

Overall, an okay episode. Not amazing. Not bad. Just putting more pieces together for the bigger picture.

11 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 20 – Divergence IV: Delivery From the Jyamato!

  1. I kinda get why they did it, but I find Sae being the Dezastar predictably boring. Like its not bad, but with the rule introduced it almost feels like it would be better for it to have been a reoccurring character and thus they’d agonize over it more, giving us more depth.
    Also yeah worried about secondary cast bloat starting to set in. Doubly so when they seem to be given more focus than the main cast.

    1. Oh! Yes, I agree about it being a way to give Ace, Neon or Keiwa more depth. Introducing a new character only for them to be the traitor presents less opportunity for good story and feels more like another plot device.

      As for the supporting cast, I only hope they are being introduced so they can be easily expendable in overdramatic situations lol

  2. I think is a red herring, Neon is the true Desastar. There is a shot after Geats and Tycoon get bombed, Sae is surprised and turn her head like she saw something. There is also scene where Neon just jump back to the fight where Sae is fighting, meaning Neon has gone away for a while. And when Neon talking to her phone, Sae arrived from behind, her expression kinda imply that she is suspecting Neon. And I think Sae found the Desastar card from Neon belongings at night. They are pulling a double twist on us audience.

    1. That’s a very good point! I can see also them potentially tying that in with her father’s involvement in the DGP, if so.
      At the same time, if Sae is a red herring cliffhanger for next week, then I still hope Keiwa is the Dezastar then 😅 But then that also opens up the possibility of it being Ace, which would explain him laying low the last few rounds 😬 lol

      We’ll see how it plays out!

      1. I think Neon is more probable one. I don’t think they will make main character to be the one since Ace already very pro player himself, Keiwa could be but he is starting to improve lately. Whereas Neon seems the weakest among the trio, so she being the one make more sense to me XD

        1. Eh a reminder that while Neon dominates the concentration game with Ace, Keiwa was still known as the weakest player by others. Should be equal now but Neon git gud earlier compared to Keiwa.

          1. Ya but Keiwa has Command Twin buckle so he is pretty strong strong now. Neon seems like not much thing for her. And I don’t think Keiwa will bomb himself with Ace so the only one who could bomb them is either Neon or Sae.

    2. Then again, Sae’s surname has a kanji for “star” (眼, gan). Unless you’re still taking into account for that too.

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