Music Monday, December 19, 2022 – 2Z, BUGVEL, WEi, INI

Warm treats and charismatic J-pop releases this week from 2Z, BUGVEL, WEi and INI!

“Reason” by 2Z

2Z’s latest EP Reason is led by the title track of the same name. 2Z shows off some of their acting chops in the accompanying music video which depicts the early days of the band and overcoming the uncertainties while pushing forward toward their dream. Always great to have wonderful new music from the talented guys.

Check out 2Z and “Reason” on Amazon Music:

“Diamonds” by BUGVEL

J-pop rookies BUGVEL release their third single with its title track “Diamonds.” It is a charismatic electronic-infused pop dance track. A great showcase for the group’s performance skills with an easily attractive and powerful melody. I think it might be my favorite title track from them so far. The album also includes warm ballad “初雪” or “First Snow” and the groovy “Back 2 Reality.”

Check out BUGVEL and “Diamonds” on Amazon Music:

“Gift For You” by WEi

WEi have a Christmas treat with “Gift For You.” The sweet holiday track is perfect for the season and has the group having a lot of fun. The special album also as the ballad “If It Snow.”

Check out WEi and “Gift For You” on Amazon Music:

“Spectra” by INI

INI is back with their latest release in “Spectra.” The hip-hop dance track oozes cool swag and is a great performance from the group. My favorite part of the song is definitely the pre-chorus and bridge. And they serve as great contrasts to the energetic beat of the chorus and rap verses.

Check out INI and “Spectrra” on Amazon Music:

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