Happy 1000th Day!

So this is more of a personal thing. But Happy 1000th Day to DryedMangoez.com! 🥳

That is, this will be my 1000th consecutive day posting here on DryedMangoez.com!

This is pretty big for me because before March 2020, I would only post regularly if it were Sentai, Kamen Rider or Amazing Race recaps. And Power Rangers too whenever it was on. Reviews of other shows (mostly Korean dramas) would be random and sporadic. So other than maybe one or two posts a week, DryedMangoez.com would be pretty quiet.

But when COVID hit and we were all locked up at home, it gave me the opportunity to finally catch-up on Korean dramas I had been meaning to check out. And from then on, my Korean drama watching has been much more regular. I of course felt more encouraged to share my thoughts on those Korean dramas. So I suddenly had a lot more things to write about.

The post that started the streak was this recap for Episode 28 Kamen Rider Zero-One on March 26, 2020. And initially, the streak was fun. But I wasn’t really intent on keeping it going. Until a 10 day streak turned into 50 then 100 then 500 and now we’re at our 1000th day and counting.

It’s a personal accomplishment for me because before then, I wasn’t really that motivated to maintain posting on DryedMangoez.com. Real life and other things would keep me from posting more often.

But since I’ve been posting something every day, DryedMangoez.com has welcomed a lot more new friends. And I am very grateful for everyone who visits!

And putting more effort into DryedMangoez.com has helped me be more motivated and active in general as well. So it’s been a productive 1000 days so far. And counting!

Here’s to the next 1000 days!

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