Recap: Avataro Sentai Donbrothers, Episode 41 – Struggling Santa

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 41

A few days before Christmas, the Donbros (minus Tsubasa and Jirou of course) battle the Noto3. That turns into a multi-day battle between OTP Tarou and Sonoi who take nights off to recharge.

On December 23, the Noto3 ask to meet the Donbros at Donbura to ask for a favor. But Sonoi cannot bring himself to say it. After Sononi stuffs Shinichi’s mouth with cake to reject his advances, the Noto3 decide to just leave.

They come across a little girl who is being teased by two boys about still believing in Santa. The little girl says she has seen the real Santa-san with her own eyes. The Noto3 approach her to ask where that was. But before she can say anything, the Donbros appear, having followed them.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 41

The Noto3 explain to the Donbros that as part of Noto tradition, fighting is banned during Christmas week. And on Christmas Eve, as a token of gratitude for the Noto feeding on human brainwaves, they pose as Santa to grant children’s’ wishes. This year, the three of them have been chosen. But they are not well-versed in Santa-ism. That’s why they wanted to ask for their help.

Sonoi asks the little girl where she saw Santa, but she admits that it was a lie since the boys were teasing her.

Tarou says Santa is scattered all around the shopping plazas. Haruka breaks it to him that those are just people wearing costumes to attract holiday shoppers. Tarou never knew that before.

Tarou says he met the real Santa anyway when he was a kid. He woke up on Christmas Eve night to find Santa taking all his toys. The others say that was just a burglar dressed as Santa.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 41

Kaito says he is good friends with Santa who he calls a fellow hero and knows where to find him. But he is currently living as a Hitotsuki who goes around giving people presents of disgusting trash.

The Donbros, Noto3 and little girl visit Santa-san as he is wrapping presents of garbage. He mentions that Kaito is a good guy he promised to be heroes forever with.

But Santa explains that when kids started changing and being ungrateful for presents, he tried to find out what kids really wanted for Christmas. When a little boy wanted a brother for Christmas, Santa creepily arrived to play the part and ended up going to jail for it. The humiliation and frustration of his situation caused him to become a Hitotsuki.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 41

The little girl is horrified by this Santa-san and wants to leave. But the Donbros force her to try and convince Santa that she believes. The Noto3 hope Santa can help them be more Santa-like. But Santa wants to hear none of it. He transforms into a Hitotsuki and runs away.

Tarou uses LuPat Alters to chase Santa down. The Donbros arrive to battle the Hitotsuki while the Noto3 begin last-minute Santa endurance training. Tarou goes Goldon as Jirou and Tsubasa arrive. Tsubasa uphenshins to Kakuranger and then calls on Murasame to finish the job. But Tarou knocks him aside and he and Jirou deliver finishers.

Santa is back to normal. But Murasame begins to go berserk with Mother egging him on. While the Noto3 zoom around as Santas delivering presents to children, the Donbros battle an embiggened Murasame. With Kiwami, the Donbros send Murasame packing.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 41

Tarou finds Santa to remind him about the time he visited him on Christmas Eve. Santa had run out of presents and asked Tarou if he would be willing to donate some toys. Tarou said of course and that is why Santa took his toys that night. To make up for it, Santa stayed a while and played games with Tarou.

Since that day, Tarou has saved up pennies to buy toys so he’d have some to give Santa if he ever needed extra gifts. Tarou says the world needs Santa.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 41 Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 41

Santa is hesitant at first, but he decides to give it one more shot. He henshins to Santa and pats Tarou’s head to thank him.

The Donbros smile as they look up into the sky to see Santa and his reindeer flying to their next delivery.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 41

Episode Thoughts

I figured it would be a filler episode, knowing Donbrothers and the fact that it was Christmas-themed. I hoped I was wrong and maybe the Donbros go against its own habits to actually have a consequential episode even as they celebrate Christmas. But nope. My mistake though since this is obviously not Go-Busters lol

Still, it’s hard to dislike a Christmas episode. (Unless they’re Saban Brands Era Power Rangers Christmas specials. Then yes, they’re easy to dislike.)

There’s not much to say about the episode. Other than it was just a fun filler with a sweet twist at the end regarding Tarou’s Christmas Eve story from earlier.

Of course, it would’ve been nice to have all the Donbros celebrating together. But again, knowing Donbrothers, that’s not going to happen right now.

I did, however, really like that final scene of the Donbros (while on their own) each looking up at the sky to see Santa. Bittersweet not seeing them together, but still a bit of a heartwarming scene to see them happy to see Santa back on his sleigh.

Overall, it was a harmless Christmas episode. Thankfully not an annoying clip show like that one episode from earlier in the season I’d like to forget. But a fun and even sometimes sweet episode.

Merry Christmas!

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Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 41
Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 41

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  1. A cute episode. I guess I’m desensitized to Donbros shenanigans that I did not expect anything big from this episode. 😂

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