Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 15 – Stratagem VI: Kamen Rider Qualifications

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 15 Recap

Ace wakes up with apparently no memory of the DGP. He leaves for his day of being a big star. Tsumuri tries to express her disapproval of Girori’s interference in the game, but he says it is necessary in order for the DGP to survive.

Later, Girori speaks with the gardener who is surprised that Geats has been eliminated. But the gardener says that means it’s time for his Jyamatos to run the world and he has the perfect Last Boss to make that happen. Girori warns him not to underestimate the remaining Riders.

The Final Boss begins rampaging in the city and Tsumuri sends Keiwa, Neon and Michinaga off on this final battleship round. They must protect the city until the threat passes. Player with the most points will win the DGP and have their desire granted.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 15 Recap

Michinaga is set on going straight for the Last Boss. Keiwa and Neon try to take on the minor Jyamato to ensure the peoples’ safety for now. Both Michinaga and Keiwa notice that the Jyamato Riders seem to utter some memorable lines from their dead DGP competition.

Keiwa and Neon feel hopeless and say they only got this far because of Ace the God. Without him, they have no chance. Michinaga tells them to quit their moaning and declares he will take the win. Girori believes that will be the case as well. Michinaga tries to force his way onto the Last Boss ship, but gets swatted back to the ground.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 15 Recap

When his photoshoot is interrupted by Jyamato, Ace hurries outside and finds the others as they are struggling. Ace tries to help Michinaga up and warns him to not be reckless. Michinaga doesn’t listen and is determined to avenge the needless death of DGP players at the hands of their selfish rivals.

Neon screams that Michinaga should not reject everyone else to do so. But Michinaga takes a couple of steps in the direction of the Last Boss only to get engulfed in a huge explosion. He is forced to dehenshin.

Ace hurries over to Michinaga who wants to know what makes them so different. Michinaga remembers Ace telling him to keep at it until he eventually wins the game. But now wonders if it was just a lie.

Michinaga removes his Driver and pushes it onto Ace’s chest.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 15 Recap

“If you mean it… prove it. Give me something to make me believe in you.”

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 15 Recap

Michinaga disappears and his Core ID done.

Ace hurries over to Keiwa and Neon and whisks them back to safety at the DGP green room where Girori asks what he’s doing here. Ace says he got his memory back once he touched Michinaga’s Core ID. And then proceeds to reveal to Keiwa and Neon that Girori is Game Master.

Ace asks for his Geats Core ID back. Not to beg for his spot back in the game. But to help support the remaining Riders in order to not have the Jyamar Area be destroyed. He says he knows Girori would hate that.

Girori wants to put his faith in Keiwa and Neon. But with realizing the Jyamato have something to do with dead Riders and all his insecurities, Keiwa is not sure he can go out and fight. Neon agrees that they are not strong yet.

Girori gives them a Boost Buckle to help them out and convince them to keep fighting. But Ace says they are not pawns and they will fight only if they choose to do so.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 15 Recap

When Girori asks why Ace wants to fight then, Ace says he just wants to protect this, his world. Ace takes the Boost Buckle, but Girori reminds him that he is no longer qualified to be a Rider.

Tsumuri says that is not true. Ace is still qualified because his original granted wish was to be able to compete in every DGP season until he dies. Thus, Ace will always be Kamen Rider Geats no matter what.

Ace reveals that he had left secret messages to himself around his room in order to point him in the right direction whenever the time came that he would be eliminated and memory-wiped. That way, he would always have an opportunity to regain his memories and find his way back to the DGP.

Tsumuri gives Ace his Driver and Core ID and he hurries out to the Jyamar Area to battle regular Jyamato first.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 15 Recap

Back at the green room, Neon says she knows about her father being a DGP sponsor. Keiwa wants to know what the DGP is hiding from them. Tsumuri says it might be time to tell them. But Girori tells her to shut it.

Ace uphenshins and easily defeats the Last Boss.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 15 Recap

DGP executive Niramu, watching the live feed, celebrates Geats’ win as being a dose of “realism.”

But Ace wonders why the game is not over yet. Tsumuri tells him to head back to the DGP for an announcement.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 15 Recap

Girori invites Keiwa and Neon for a Desire Grand Prix God of Desire Tournament Special.

Episode Thoughts

They don’t call him “Ace” for nothin’! Ace knows all. Ace does all. Ace is all. Everything. Everywhere. All at once!

Nothing in this episode was a surprise. Perhaps the closest thing would be Michinaga’s “death.” But when the episode starts out with revealing the Jyamato Riders are somehow connected to the dead DGP players and then specifically reminding us of Keiwa’s desire… I think it’s pretty obvious Keiwa will win the DGP. Before Michinaga’s death, I assumed maybe next “season” or the one after that.

But considering Ace has unlimited lives in the game, Keiwa could very easily win this season in order to bring Michinaga quickly back to life. And bringing back a character like Morio also allows some filler in the antagonist role until we get to the DGP villains too.

Also considering DGP rules can twist and bend however Girori or whomever random board member wants, they could throw in a Neon win this season and then make the next season of the DGP have just a few players and be only one round or something. Then Ace could be back in the god seat, no problem.

Then of course we have the rule reveal for this episode being the season isn’t over until Game Master says it’s over. Well then, the season could go on all the way to the end of the Geats season if Girori or any other Game Master wants.

I don’t mind random, off the cuff rules. This isn’t The Amazing Race, after all. It’s a Squid Game-inspired competition where anything goes depending on the whims of people in power. The main conflict or mystery of the season is who is truly behind the DGP, how it began and what does Mama Yukiyo have to do with anything. Oh, and figuring out the Jyamato nursery too.

For now, we’ll just have to wait for the next info dump episode. In the meantime, we’ll just have to enjoy Ace one-upping the DGP with the off chance Keiwa resurrects the dead or Neon gets a boyfriend.

Just to add on, what a lame way to reveal Girori’s identity to Keiwa and Neon. And I just had to laugh out loud at Michinaga’s “Give me something to make me believe in you” line.

18 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 15 – Stratagem VI: Kamen Rider Qualifications

  1. I kinda dislike Neon and Keiwa’s attitude this episode. Like admittedly Michinaga didn’t help the case, but where is the teamwork plan from last time? Also HOW many fudging times have you made a decisive difference through sheer chutzpah Keiwa? The results are interesting, but I don’t think the attitude from the characters makes sense.

    Oh well time for the tanuki to catch the fox.

    1. They can be unsure about their capabilities, but they’ve already gained their resolve and determination a few times before. A few minor defeats and they think they are doomed to die already. It’s a bit annoying. And really, it’s just all to support Ace being the best there ever was. Maybe the show is trying to correct the feeling that Keiwa is the main character instead of Ace. 😂

      1. Maybe the doubt is quite earned if that they’ve beaten Jyamato Riders before, but now it can 1v2 them both at once, different results. And Michinaga too said the high-ranked Jyamatos are stronger this time.

        1. It’s just that they’ve already felt defeated before, but regained their resolve. In probably one of the stronger episodes of the season so far too. So giving up so easily kind of negates the hardship they overcame a couple of episodes ago. And when paired alongside Ace who has not failed yet and with them saying they are nothing without him, it feels more contrived than it should be.

          1. They did defeat the Jyamato Riders, but I don’t feel that they regained their resolve that time. Their reaction when they realized that Ace is retired shows it.

  2. lol I guess you called it last week. This feels like Sentai’s Red worship style. They’re propping up Ace a bit too hard. And maybe you have a good point. They may be overcompensating for making Ace *too* mysterious and douchey at the beginning and thus pushing more people to Team Keiwa. 😂 So much that people were asking for Keiwa when he was eliminated rather than focus on the Riders who were still there.

    1. I don’t really follow other people’s comments or thoughts about the shows while watching, so I wouldn’t know how others feel about Keiwa and Ace, etc. And I doubt they had enough time between the first couple of episodes and this one to make Ace more of the “hero” or whatever.

      I do think they named him “Ace” for a reason. It makes sense with the characterization for him so far. But I do hope they give him much more depth as they dig deeper into his backstory, Mama Ukiyo, DGP origins, etc.

      1. Well actually, a good number of people praise Geats as for current, viewed similarly as the likes of Gaim or Build as one of the more complete KR season. Among the Reiwa secondaries, Keiwa is the only one that got appreciated almost as much as Fuwa.

  3. I only hope all this negativity from Keiwa and Neon is just set-up for their triumphant wins later on. Maybe only then will Ace get knocked down a peg or two. I think a good way to go would be to have Ace knocked off his pedestal and that’s when he finds more information about his mother.

    1. That would be wonderful. I guess knock them both down until they’re left with nothing so they can rise up stronger and better than ever! 🤭
      I would have to think Ace does lose at some point. Maybe a big moment with he finds out his involvement in the DGP is bigger than he ever imagined.

  4. Geats is just not for you man. I feel like you don’t enjoy geats cuz you’re so used to all the dumb nonsensical stuff that happens in donbrothers. You just don’t have interest or patience to watch a toku show that makes sense and has an actual story. The way you downplay every single relevant thing that happens in the show…. At this point, you just sound like a hater.

    1. I think I’ve watched and experienced more toku than just Donbrothers? 🤔

      If I actually hate a season, I have no problem making that very clear when I comment. Which is what I’ve done in the past.
      Everyone has their own likes and dislikes and preferences. What do you suggest I do then if I “sound like a hater”? Not watch? Not express my opinion?

  5. Geats has an okay premise. I also can’t get past the Squid Game similarities, but I loved that series so I’m conflicted about Kamen Rider doing a watered down version. But Ace is very charismatic lead. And he could absolutely pull off this man of mystery-type of personality on his quest to save his mother or whatever. But the series seems to not know how to do other things in the meantime. It’s like the opposite of Revice. They exhausted all their good story early and had no idea what to do later on. But Geats has a good story they’re sitting on until the last half, but have no idea how to waste time until then.

    1. Yes, Kan Hideyoshi definitely has what it takes to pull of the character. I just wish there was a bit stronger material for him to play around with.
      Interesting comparison to Revice. I can see that.

  6. I think Ace is a budget Tsukasa without the fun snark. And that’s such a disservice to the actor and the story, tbh.

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