Recap: Avataro Sentai Donbrothers, Episode 36 – Dog Dog Battle

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 36

Tsuyoshi is on edge so much about his Miho-chan that he even yells at his boss. The Donbros, wanting to cheer him up from whatever he’s going through, invite him to Donbura to treat him to some parfaits. They think he’s just overworked and try to encourage him. He apologizes for being a bit out of it. But once they mention Miho, he gets up and leaves.

Tarou, Haruka and Shinichi decide to follow him to see what’s going on. They wonder if he’s having marriage troubles.

Tsuyoshi passes by a koban where an officer is taking down Tsubasa’s wanted poster. Tsuyoshi comments that it must be nice for the cops to have caught a fugitive, but the officer says Tsubasa was cleared of all charges. Tsuyoshi can’t believe it. But when JutoTsubasa stumbles by, Tsuyoshi decides to follow him with the hopes that he’ll be led to Miho-chan. The others decide to follow them too.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 36

JutoTsubasa enters a shokudo and begins scarfing down people’s food, but nothing seems to be to his liking. He decides to go into the kitchen to cook big platters that he serves to the customers. They are terrified, but think the food is delicious.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 36

JutoTsubasa grabs Tsuyoshi from outside and force-feeds him some pork. Tarou decides to just walk in and takes a bite from Tsubasa’s plate. He thinks it’s terrible and not up to his standards. JutoTsubasa growls at him.

Meanwhile, Natsumiho walks by and Tsuyoshi chases after her. JutoTsubasa comes outside and chases after Haruka and Shinichi to feed them some food as well.

Sononi watches and can’t believe that Tsubasa has also become a Juto.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 36

Haruka is able to escape JutoTsubasa’s feeding frenzy and runs into Natsumi practicing in the park amphitheater. Haruka thinks she is very beautiful and decides to approach her. She says she is also an actress, but her movie’s premiere was canceled.

Natsumi says her dream role is to play the Beast in Beauty and the Beast. Haruka is surprised, but Natsumi says she’s played the beauty all her life and wants a challenge. Just then, Natsumi’s personal trainer arrives and Haruka is motivated by her amazing strength.

Suddenly, a fancy Nissan comes driving up and it’s an older gentleman who turns out to be Natsumi’s fan. Natsumi invites Haruka to come with as the man treats them to a steak lunch. Haruka asks if this man is her boyfriend, but Natsumi says her boyfriend is just a poor actor. Later, another rich older man fan takes Natsumi out shopping and she tells Haruka to buy anything she wants too.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 36

Meanwhile, Rumi feeds Jirou some delicious vegetables from their town. abunaiJirou momentarily takes over their body to eat as well, but Jirou is able to keep him inside. Rumi says she is so happy Jirou was able to make his dream of becoming a hero come true. She tells him not to push himself too hard. Jirou admits that it’s been much harder than he originally thought and has been quite down on himself.

Rumi suggests he remember the sunset that would show up at the end of their play time as kids. Her grandmother said that sunset was like a natural mercurochrome, or an antiseptic from the olden days, that would heal all your wounds.

Jirou has no idea what she’s talking about, but he appreciates her kind words.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 36

Downtown after their shopping spree, Haruka asks Natsumi if it’s okay to have the rich old man buy her these things. Natsumi says men are obligated to devote themselves to a nice woman, so it’s alright. Haruka loves Natsumi’s personality even more.

Suddenly, Sononi and Sonoza appear in front of them. Sononi and Natsumi recognize each other as a Juto and Noto. Haruka thinks they’re acting or something.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 36

Sononi demands to know where the door connecting the human and Juto worlds is. “Ah, so you want to save someone?” Natsumi asks. Haruka excitedly watches the two ladies battle before Natsumi leaps into the air to leave. Haruka applauds Natsumi’s great performance.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 36

“What the hell is this woman saying?” Sononi asks Sonoza. Sonoza reminds Haruka that she is in a slump.

JutoNatsumi lands in the factory district where Tarou is waiting. He asks why Tsuyoshi believes she is his wife Miho. JutoNatsumi says Miho is just a dream by Natsumi and reminds Tarou that she told him how crane Juto create stories.

Just then, JutoTsubasa arrives. Tarou says he would like to save Tsubasa if he can.

Natsumi tells Tarou that the real Tsubasa is currently sleeping in the Juto forest of rest. But if he is able to return to the human world, the Juto would no longer be invincible.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 36

Both JutoTsubasa and JutoNatsumi transform into their Juto forms to take on Tarou. Sonoza charges in to relay a message from Sonoi that Tarou isn’t the kind of man to be taking Juto punches. Sonoi would rather not be too friendly with Tarou in the battle moving forward.

Sonoza has trouble reading Sonoi’s message to the Juto about them not having a place between heaven and earth, much to Sonoi’s annoyance as he hides on a rooftop.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 36

Sonoza gives up reading and he and Tarou face off against the Juto who end up retreating. A man who was at the dining hall earlier and is very worried about emergencies turns into a Hitotsuki. The other Donbros, including JutoTsubasa, pop in to help deal with it.

Tarou decides it’s time for them to do a roll call. But JutoTsubasa’s strange background distracts Tsuyoshi from correctly doing his roll call. A revitalized Jirou arrives and joins them.

JutoTsubasa begins shooting at them, but the Hitotsuki traps them all in a ring of fire. Tarou is able to save them all by Uphenshining to Goldon Zyuohger and then delivering a peach finisher at the Hitotsuki.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 36

The Donbros hop into Toradora Onitaijin and then upgattai to Toradora Onitaijin The Climax to take care of the Hitotsuking. The young emergency man is back to normal.

JutoTsubasa dehenshins and suddenly comes face to face with the real Tsubasa.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 36

Tsubasa takes his glasses back and henshins. JutoTsubasa also transforms. They charge at each other and Tsubasa is able to stick his shuriken in the Juto’s stomach, destroying him.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Episode 36

“This world can only have one me,” Tsubasa says.

Episode Thoughts

So wonderful to have the Donbros back. And with a great episode too! A mix of random fun nonsense and exciting action. That’s what the Donbros do best!

First up, I’ve always enjoyed seeing badass JutoNatsumi. And badass JutoNatsumi vs. badass Sononi? YES PLEASE! That was awesome. (With Haruka’s obliviousness adding some funny to the scene too.) I hope we see a lot more.

Very interesting to see Tsubasa able to escape the Juto forest at the end. I hope it’s because Sononi was able to find the way in so she can help free her mans! (lol) Since learning that the real Natsumi is actually asleep though kind of changes the soapy love triangle dynamic I was hoping for. Lol I was hoping Natsumi was actually a villain, so that of course can free Tsubasa for his Sononi endgame. But if nice, real Natsumi exists, then Tsubasa’s gonna have to choose between the two! Meanwhile, Tsuyoshi has only the nonexistent Miho.

But anyway! We’ll see where they go with all of this. There’s plenty of fun shenanigans they can pull out if they wanted.

Back to Tsubasa though, I also hope they talk more about how the whole “If you escape the Juto forest… they won’t be unkillable” rule more. It would also help to build up the Juto as a threat as well. A Juto chef though is as random as Donbros gets. lol

Speaking of threats, the new Noto seems like he could be a potential Final Boss-type. I know nothing about him. But I know our Noto3 friends won’t be the Big Bad. And JutoNatsumi not so much either. So perhaps this new Noto will somehow fuse the worst of the Noto and Juto and the Hitotsuki-creating desire/greed from humans to create the Final Boss? I dunno!

Elsewhere, Natsumi’s rich fanboy sugar daddies side story was very strange lol Typical Donbros of course. But I certainly would never expect a specific story like that. Though I guess it helps to flesh out how this JutoNatsumi is not Tsubasa’s Natsumi or even Tsuyoshi’s Miho at all.

Jirou’s talk with Rumi was nice as well. The sunset healing all wounds is fun because it’s of course an image we see often, especially on toku! And we’ve seen it a few times this season as well.

And the roll call was fun too. I didn’t even realize they had not done a roll call yet this season.

Overall, it was a great episode that was hilarious fun while also having exciting action and actual plot movement. And everyone was involved too!

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  1. I agree with you about the Nouto trio not being the Big Bad. They have been too likeable in all these episodes to just turn out to be like that. If anything, I personally suspect that the new guy, Sonoshi, will be written as a flat-out villainous and unlikable guy to contrast with the trio. It might also be interesting if he’s the Big Bad or at least the Dragon. But I may be getting too far ahead of myself.

    1. Yeah, hopefully they do. But I think it’s an important detail since JutoNatsumi said that if Tsubasa were able to return, then the Juto will not be unkillable anymore. So perhaps they will explain why. We’ll see.

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