Music Monday, November 14, 2022 – TRENDZ, Xdinary Heroes, AleXa, Lee Yi Kyung

New tracks from TRENDZ, Xdinary Heroes, AleXa and Lee Yi Kyung.

“Vagabond” by TRENDZ

TRENDZ has had a strong debut year so far. And they make their 2nd comeback with the single album Blue Set Chapter. [Unknown Code]. Title track “Vagabond” is a strong rock-infused dance track that really grabs your attention right from the start. The group’s energetic performance matches the song’s powerful lyrics. The album includes intro track “One Way to Go” and “Breakdown,” an emotional and charismatic track that pairs well with “Vagabond.”

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“Hair Cut” by Xdrinary Heroes

Xdrinary Heroes has really established their sound and style with every release. And “Hair Cut” is probably their strongest title track yet. The rousing track has the hallmarks of the band’s confident and defiant attitude wrapped up in a slick and energetic performance. The necessary swag is blended together with effortless musicality that really sets them apart and makes them stand out. The rest of the album Overload is also solid with a diverse mix of themes and styles that show the wide range the band has within the rock genre.

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“Back in Vogue” by AleXa

Fresh off her well-deserved American Song Contest win a couple of months ago, AleXa makes her Korean comeback with “Back in Vogue.” As the title track of the album Girls Gone Vogue, “Back in Vogue” is a confident performance with a melody that has touches of pop, jazz and hip-hop. The album includes the sweet “Star,” a collab with MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul, bright “Endorphine,” fierce “Black Out” and mellow ballad “Please Try Again.” The album is a great showcase for AleXa’s versatility and talent.

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“With Your Love” by Lee Yikung

Lee Yi Kyung releases a special OST for his MBC drama special Café Midnight: Missing Honey. “With Your Love” is a romantic love letter that wonderfully conveys the sincere feelings of Yi Kyung as the main character. Lee Yi Kyung’s sweet vocals glide across the emotional melody, bringing the lyrics to life like the song is its own story.

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