Music Monday, August 22, 2022 (Part 1) – LUMINOUS, ONF, LUCY, BAE173

Strong and refreshing comebacks from LUMINOUS, ONF, LUCY and BAE173.

“Engine” by LUMINOUS

LUMINOUS releases their first full-length album Luminous in Wonderland and “Engine” is a refreshingly funky and fun title track from the group. It’s a bit different from their title tracks so far. But their last single “Wish You Were Here,” one of my favorites of the year so far, was also a different feel. A more mellow track that was meant as a transition toward the next chapter of their story. “Engine” and the rest of the album definitely feels like the next step for the talented rookies. It’s always great to get full length albums from K-pop artists since releases usually focus on singles and mini albums. Especially for a rookie group like LUMINOUS, getting a full-length release this early in their careers is very exciting. Not a single skip on the album for me. But my favorite tracks aside from the title are “Crazy,” “Far” and “Talking Myself.”

“Your Song” by ONF

Yuto has been holding down the ONF fort very well on his own as his members serve their country. But it was a wonderful surprise treat when it was announced that a new special album Storage of ONF would be released. The bright title track “Your Song” is a sweet and uplifting track that is perfect not only for the season, but a great comfort to fans eagerly waiting for the members’ return. The album contains four other fresh tracks, all great especially my 2nd fave “Runaway.” Also included are five remastered versions of their previous tracks.

“Play” by LUCY

Band LUCY are so refreshing, always releasing some excellent music that are fully in their own unique color. They release their first full-length album Childhood and it is very much a showcase of who they are as talented artists. Title track “Play” is a wonderfully nostalgic and emotional song to oneself in the midst of the crazy world around us. The rest of the 15-track album follows suit with a diverse mix of moods and styles, but still in LUCY’s signature sound. It’s hard to pick a favorite from the excellent collection of songs. “You & Me (넌 혹시, 난 괜히)” and “Foul (파울)” are particular standouts for me though.

“DaSH” by BAE173

BAE173 return with a rousing title track in “DaSH.” The energetic track mixes a charismatic chorus with softer verses and bridge for an engaging and attention-grabbing package. The strength of the song’s first two-thirds definitely help make up for a bit of a shaky end to the song. But it’s overall great. Also on the album are the hip-hop tracks “get him UGH” and “Toez.”

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