Music Monday, August 22, 2022 (Part 2) – Seongri, Song Yuvin, 1iL, The Boyz

Enjoy this diverse mix of fresh tracks from Seongri, Song Yuvin, 1IL and The Boyz.

“Seongri is Coming (오빠가 간다)” by Seongri

Since his solo debut, Kim Seongri has made a name for himself as one of the young artists bringing trot to a new generation. And his releases have been fun, cheeky and very much refreshing and modern twists to the traditional Korean genre. His latest release “Seongri is Coming” is another great track, infused with some of the best disco sounds of the 1970s. Seongri always delivers with an all-around performance. And you just can’t help but get up and dance along when his songs come on.

“Beauty (2022)” by Song Yuvin

It’s great to see Song Yuvin releasing some fresh music. He’s had a few stops and starts with his career since first appearing on Superstar K, but seeing him back is a welcome sight. “Beauty (2022)” is a remake of Lee Ki Chan’s song released in 2007. And it is a warm and emotional song that is perfectly matched with Yuvin’s soft, yet strong vocals. Hope to see more from him soon!

“Love It (다이뻐)” by 1iL

Singer-songwriter- Song Kyung-il, better known as 1iL since his solo debut, is back with his latest in “Love It.” The sound and style of the moody and atmospheric track (with matching eye-catching music video) will be familiar to anyone who has listened to his other releases. But “Love It” would be a great introduction to anyone who might not have yet. The dreamy lyrics and 1iL’s smooth voice definitely create a captivating vibe.

“Whisper” by The Boyz

The Boyz return with a playful and cheeky title track in “Whisper.” The Boyz obviously ooze with charisma and charm with every performance and that’s definitely the case once again here. From the album Be Aware, I particularly like “Survive the Night.”

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