Recap: Avataro Sentai Donbrothers, Episode 25 – Working Hero

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Tsuyoshi has been fired because the restaurant he consulted for is on the verge of bankruptcy. Not wanting to worry her, Tsuyoshi doesn’t tell Miho and decides to find other sources of income on his own. He approaches Master Kaito about getting paid for working as a Donbro, but Kaito says heroic work is usually charitable and done as volunteers.

Tsuyoshi tries talking to Papa Jin, but he just closes visiting hours instead of offering any help. Tsuyoshi tries other jobs like at a construction site, but he’s not very good at anything else.

Meanwhile, Tsuyoshi’s former manager births a Hitotsuki who goes around the city whipping people into balls he eats in order to find competent workers. The Donbros pop in, but Tsuyoshi is off his game and they notice it. The Hitotsuki manages to get away.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Tarou talks to Tsuyoshi who tells him he’s been working too much lately. However, Tarou misunderstands Tsuyoshi and thinks Tsuyoshi is working to help pay for his sick mother’s life-saving neck surgery. Because of this, Tarou decides to take on extra jobs as well so he can help out. When Haruka runs into Tarou and learns why he’s working extra jobs, she also offers to help and takes on another job too.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Shinichi sees Haruka and after she explains the situation, he also offers to work. Knowing Shinichi has never worked a day in his life, Haruka tells him it’s okay and that he can just continue writing haikus. Shinichi feels a bit ashamed by that and tries applying to teach at cram schools. None of them are impressed by his blank resume though so Shinichi turns to selling custom haikus in the park. When a little girl comes to buy a haiku and places a coin in his palm, it burns him.

Tsuyoshi’s manager calls him in to the office to tell him the restaurant is demanding they pay damages for their lost business and that it is Tsuyoshi’s responsibility.

Tsuyoshi meets with Tarou at Donburi and tells him that things are looking worse. Tarou quickly leaves to find more work.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Later, an exhausted Tarou and Haruka sit at a ramen cart to get some food in their belly. Little do they know, the guy working at the ramen cart is actually Tsuyoshi who decides to disguise himself with narutomaki as his eyes.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Tsuyoshi listens to Tarou telling Haruka that his friend’s mother is on the verge of death so both of them decide to continue working as hard as they can. After they leave, Tsuyoshi feels guilty about just worrying about himself and decides to work even harder to also help Tarou’s “friend.”

Jirou wonders what everyone’s up to so he goes Alter and follows them around. Once he sees them working extra jobs to help each other, he is inspired to help as well. But abunaiJirou pops out to discourage him from doing so if he wants to truly surpass Tarou.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

The Donbros all end up at Ristorante Bambus to apply for a job where it just so happens Tsubasa is working as the chef. He tells them that he just started working here, but it is on the verge of closing without any customers. Tsuyoshi realizes this is the restaurant he consulted for and admits that he is responsible for its downturn.

Tarou asks Tsuyoshi about his sick mother, but he realizes that Tarou must have misheard when he talked about “some other” problem. Haruka and Shinichi can’t believe it.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Anyway, Tarou says their bond is what brought them together here so they should do what they can to help the restaurant. Tsubasa says that’s fine with him especially since he is very confident in his cooking.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Tarou helps Tsubasa in the kitchen. Tsuyoshi flies around the city distributing flyers for the restaurant while Haruka serves and Shinichi plays with the children. Tarou also leads a show for the restaurant’s customers while they enjoy their meals. The vents in the kitchen keep Tsubasa from hearing the fanfare.

Meanwhile downtown, Jirou decides to take on the Hitotsuki himself so the others can focus on whatever they need to do. The Noto3, however, crash the battle saying that Hitotsukis are meant to be killed by Noto only. abunaiJirou takes over and switches to Torabolt.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Tarou arrives to stop Sonoi from killing the Hitotsuki. Jirou regains control of his body and he and Tarou drive the Noto away before focusing on the Hitotsuki. When they defeat it and it embiggens, abunaiJirou pops out and Tarou leaves the Hitotsuking to him and Jirou.

Tsuyoshi’s manager is released from the Hitotsuki and calls him back to the office to tell him he’s back on the job since the restaurant has started doing well.

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

Episode Thoughts

Donbrothers is a season of misunderstandings! lol Easy laughs, but they make it work in a fun and refreshing way. And again, it helps that the Donbros are great, likeable and endearing characters. So they could do the most random things and you’ll enjoy watching the episode.

I’ll get my one criticism out of the way first. It would’ve been cool to have Tsuyoshi approach Tsubasa first about a new job or something. The two of them had formed a great friendship so far and the show has been good at coming back to it whenever they need to further the Natsumiho plot. So, I expected he would maybe give Tsubasa a call and see if he knew any opportunities or whatever. Maybe even just confiding in him.

So, that’s my only criticism. It should’ve been an easy thing to draw from. And it would be a great example of utilizing the foundation you’ve set out for yourself to come up with stories or to support a story you might be doing for the week. Unlike other shows. (*cough*Revice*cough*)

That’s a small criticism since the rest of the episode (as usual) was lots of fun. The succession of misunderstandings was funny, sometimes hilarious. And their eyebags at the restaurant when they finally sort everything out definitely added to the scene. It’s those kinds of simple moments that are very fun. And even better when it’s rooted in a strong foundation both in plot and for characters.

But YAY!!!!!!! All five Donbros in the same room. I will always love those moments. But speaking of, that preview for next week! All SIX Donbros in the same room. And it looks like they’ll be hamming it up some more. It also looks like a potential clip show, so I hope they prove me wrong with that. But either way, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. Especially if we get more of those foggy face-off scenes. Lol Should be hilarious!

Also a small detail, I like how the show made sure sure to show Tsubasa can’t hear the LOUD fanfare in the dining hall lol At least they know to keep up the charade with details like that. And it makes me, again, so eager for the moment they all find each other. We’re at the halfway point of the season! Where’s our big midseason climax?! I want it nao! =D

Anyway! Donbrothers 25 was just another wonderfully fun episode. I’ll repeat myself every week. But it’s such a joy to watch. Never fails to put a smile on my face.

Non-CGI Donbro of the Week

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers
Avataro Sentai Donbrothers
Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

10 thoughts on “Recap: Avataro Sentai Donbrothers, Episode 25 – Working Hero

  1. Always great seeing them all together. Looking forward to next week, though I agree, it seems like a clip show 😂

  2. I don’t know if it’s the right term, but I think Donbrothers has a dry humor? Even though they do slapstick of course, it seems like their humor is more of that dry, passive style. I dunno. But it’s very refreshing to me and definitely fun. I enjoy it so much.

  3. Donbrothers has been going downhill for like past 6 episodes. Just because the genre is comedy doesn’t mean it has to be a mess. There should be a balance. 1-18 episodes did that. There were couple of really interesting set ups and development while also being silly and fun. The show knew what it is and what it should be. Now the show forgot it’s own identity. Everything’s just random now. The cast are carrying now. Writing wise, it’s just bad

    1. That’s interesting. I feel like they’ve still maintained a good balance. What are the main differences, do you think, between the two groups of episodes? And how have they lost their identity compared to the beginning?

      For me, I think the show has been consistent in what it’s trying to do. Donbros is much more of a slowburn compared to previous seasons. That’s why I’ve compared it to like a Korean drama or even daily soap opera or something like that with the way each episode slowly peels back each character and the overall story.

      Episode 19 was a really nice episode. A MOTW episode. But it was one of those episodes that start off absurd, but ends up with an emotional climax.
      Episode 20 was a lesson of the week episode with more insight into Jirou’s split personality.
      Episode 21 was a Shinichi focus and MOTW ep. But we also learned about having previous Donbros.
      Episode 22 was about Haruka’s slump and bringing out more of Sonoza’s unique personality. More Jirou development too.
      Episode 23 was the big Jirou/abunaiJirou reveal to the others + seeing Natsumiho in action as a Juto for the first time.
      Episode 24 was very much a Tarou focus and touched upon his growing up.
      Episode 25 was probably the most random of the six episodes and maybe the only filler episode, even though it was quite fun.

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