Music Monday, June 20, 2022 (Part 2) – Wonho, Kang Daniel, Seo In Guk, Van Ness Wu

Four diverse tracks from these talented soloists, featuring Wonho, Kang Daniel, Seo In Guk (feat. Ravi) and Van Ness Wu.

“Crazy” by Wonho

Wonho goes crazy indeed with his latest comeback. The title track from his new album Façade is a fun, rock-infused dance track that is playful and flirtatious. Of course, that is to be expected from Wonho and always paired with a strong and charismatic performance. The rest of the album is interestingly not as crazy and actually more mellow and quite refreshing from Wonho.

“My Love” by Seo In Guk feat. Ravi

Seo In Guk makes his long-awaited comeback with the wonderful ballad “My Love” featuring Ravi. I’m sure most of his current fans know him as the actor Seo In Guk. But before his acting breakthrough, I always enjoyed his music releases. Whether it was ballads or dance tracks or midtempo R&B songs, he would always deliver with his silky-smooth vocals. That’s very much the case with “My Love,” a great reminder of his vocal talents. The other track on this single album “Be My Melody” is a nice synth-infused ballad as well.

“Parade” by Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel released the music video for the 2nd of his double title tracks. “Parade” was definitely one of the songs I enjoyed the most from the album with its understated anthemic chorus. It is a great vibe that reminds me a lot of his excellent Yellow album which is my favorite from him.

“It’s On” by Van Ness Wu

No introduction needed for Van Ness Wu. He’s just released “It’s On” ahead of his upcoming English language album Take a Ride. And “It’s On” definitely helps get the ride started. The synth and hip-hop-infused dance track is very much a vibe to get any evening started in the right way. Smooth vocals, smooth moves; Van Ness Wu effortlessly shows that he’s definitely still got it.

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