Music Monday, June 20, 2022 (Part 1) – MCND, DRIPPIN, BDC, bugAboo

Enjoy these new tracks from MCND, DRIPPIN, BDC and bugAboo.

“W.A.T.1” by MCND

MCND prepares for their upcoming comeback with the pre-release track “W.A.T.1” and it’s definitely gotten me excited. I’ll admit I’ve been 50/50 with their comebacks lately. I like them fine. But none have really caught my ear. I guess that’s partly thanks to just how perfect “Ice Age” was. “W.A.T.1,” however, is probably the closest I’ve felt to being excited about an MCND release since that debut. I certainly hope the rest of their upcoming album is in a similar vibe and style as this track. The rock-infused pop dance track suits them so well. And it would signal perhaps a step forward for the group, having them show a different side of themselves. I like this a lot!

“Zero” by DRIPPIN

I’ve really enjoyed the direction DRIPPIN has taken. They’ve continued to mature with every release. And “Zero” definitely fits in perfectly in that trajectory. The dance track is a powerful, charismatic showcase for the group and their growth. Also on the single album is “Game,” an easily likeable reggae-tinged pop dance track. “Trick and Treat” is an interesting blend of hip-hop and pop with an intense beat and high energy chorus.

“Blue Sky” by BDC

The talented Boys Da Capo make a comeback with an unexpected (for me) pop ballad in “Blue Sky.” It’s a wonderful track that is definitely very different from the group’s title tracks so far of course. But it’s an excellent showcase for the group’s vocals and a reminder of their great talents. The other track on the single album is the equally great pop ballad “Masquerade.”

“Pop” by bugAboo

Rookie group bugAboo make their first comeback with the title track “Pop.” It’s an interesting track as it begins with a strong hip-hop vibe before it’s very bright pop chorus. I was surprised by the shift, but together it all makes for a fun and energetic song. A solid follow-up to the group’s debut.

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