Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 29 (Season 2, Episode 7) – “I can deal with pink.”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 29 (Season 2, Episode 7) – New Leaf

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 29 Recap

Santaura takes a Sporix blob from the machine to summon Squashblight and orders him to get revenge on humans. Tarrick reminds her that they already talked about not seeking revenge and says he had always been careful not to hurt humans while gathering enough Sporix for her revival. Santaura says he will do as she says if he really loves her. Tarrick and Squashblight head out.

Over at Buzzblast, Mama Akana tells Ollie that his best friend Professor Drake Floyd is in town to speak at the science symposium. Ollie is excited to see him again after having taken his class three years ago and becoming best buds. Lucky for Ollie, Amelia is interviewing the professor for a story and he walks into Buzzblast to give her a USB of his presentation.

Prof. Drake is happy to see Ollie as well. But he comments on Amelia’s interesting magnetic bracelet. Ollie makes fun of her when she says it’s to balance her energy. After Amelia leaves, Ollie tells Prof. Drake that she’s into wacko unscientific things.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 29 Recap

Prof. Drake tells Ollie he shouldn’t dismiss things and comments that Ollie hasn’t changed since school. It was Ollie’s pretentious know-it-all attitude that drove other students away and is why Ollie ended up doing all his experiments with the professor instead. Ollie refuses to accept that and Prof. Drake tells Ollie that he has a problem not listening to what others have to say.

Prof. Drake leaves and Ollie vents to Amelia, proving the professor’s point when he doesn’t even listen to what Amelia has to offer to him.

Void Knight and Squashblight attack a community pool where Jane and J-Borg are trying to lure Opal the Octopus out of the sewers. The Rangers arrive just as Squashblight’s purple pool slime turns people into trees.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 29 Recap

Tarrick sees an emotional father crying over his tree daughter and seems to regret accompanying Squashblight on his rampage.

Nothing the Rangers do leaves a scratch on Squashblight. Tarrick says they should leave and Squashblight is ready to infect the water to make the entire city’s population into trees.

Ollie takes a pool sample so he and Solon can figure out what toxins are causing the treefication of people and perhaps find a cure. Amelia arrives to check in as Solon leaves the room to get more slides. Amelia notices the beaker with the sample is boiling over and tells Ollie, but he tells her to basically shut up and watch him science.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 29 Recap

Unfortunately, the pool sample does boil over and splashes on Solon, turning her into a tree.

Ollie realizes he didn’t listen to Amelia since he thought he knew better than her. But Amelia says there’s no time for a pity party. She offers to help him figure this all out.

At HQ62, Tarrick insists on stopping the infection of all the peoples and says he and Santaura should just leave on the waiting spaceship.

“After all we’ve lost, please, let’s go.”

Santaura instead blows the spaceship up and shoots Tarrick. Later when he wakes up, he tells Santaura that he’s learned she must be stopped. He leaves. Santaura says he’s made a big mistake.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 29 Recap

At the command chamber, Ollie has an antidote, but needs to lessen the ion contents of it. Amelia suggests using her magnet bracelet and Ollie laughs in her face again. “Hey, come on,” a hurt Amelia shoots back.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 29 Recap

Ollie apologizes and decides to actually listen this time. Amelia remembers her high school science classes and how magnets attract ion molecules.

Ollie puts the bracelet in the antidote, attracting the iron. Ollie tries the iron-less antidote and Solon is back to normal. The others call and Ollie tells Solon how to make more of the antidote before he and Amelia join them.

The Rangers morph and take on Hengemen and Wreckmate while Squashblight leaves to try and rain his purple toxins on the city. Zayto calls Solon to send the zords.

Void Knight arrives and tells the Rangers he wants to help them stop Squashblight as he does not agree with Void Queen’s mission to kill all humans. Wreckmate calls Void Knight a traitor and leaves.

Void Knight tells the Rangers Squashblight’s weakness is the dark which weakens his shell. Void Knight leaves and the Rangers hop into Terra Smash Ultrazord to bring Squashblight into the dark clouds and defeat him for good.

The Rangers spray the tree people with antidote and they’re all back to normal.

At Buzzblast, the Rangers wonder why Void Knight would suddenly have a change of heart and who the hell Void Queen is.

After Prof. Drake’s interview with Amelia, Ollie approaches him to thank him for being blunt and honest with him. Ollie admits being a know-it-all almost cost him today. But now he’ll listen more from now on. Ollie also apologizes for how he acted in his class. Prof. Drake says all is forgiven and he’ll see him around.

Ollie approaches Amelia to thank her for helping with the antidote. “We make a pretty good team,” Amelia says.

Ollie agrees and apologizes for mocking her and says he respects her. Amelia accepts his apology and they hug. She says this won’t change her mind about her ghost hunting though and this time, he’ll help her. She’s already ordered a SpookSnare for him, but only in pink.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 29 Recap

“That’s fine, I can deal with pink.”

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 29 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Okay! Cute! Lol

I very much appreciate this episode after my ranting last time over Void Queen raiding ToQger’s closet. But also after the tepid start to this half-season. I’ve mentioned before how I usually enjoy Ollie focus episodes the most. And this being an Ollie focus, I definitely enjoyed it.

In fact, it’s probably my favorite episode of this chunk of episodes so far.

It also helped that other than Ollie and Amelia, Solon got the most screentime. And more Solon is always a good thing as well.

But the episode itself, minus the Tarrick/Santaura drama (more on that later), was actually executed well. Something that I can’t say for the other episodes. It had a good story with its lesson of the week done in a non-condescending way and with characters that aren’t paper thin.

And yes, I thought all the Ollie-Amelia scenes were cute. I’m kind of meh with everything else on Dino Fury. So at least let my hopeless romantic-self enjoy these kilig moments with them, okay? lol

But really, the way they handled Ollie’s know-it-all personality was pretty good. He’s not a jerk, just needs to listen more. (Something all the Rangers need to do more, to be honest lol) So the way they laid out the lesson of the week here really made it relatable without feeling like a lecture. And that’s not always the case with modern Power Rangers, sadly.

Again, I enjoyed the Ollie-Amelia romantic tension. Endgame please.

But on the other side of the romantic spectrum, we got the Tarrick/Santaura drama. I really want to like the story. But it has a few bumps that keep it from being a smooth ride.

First of all, no introduction for Void Queen to the others? They’re just okay with her popping up out of nowhere? Umm… okay.

And Void Knight/Tarrick’s abrupt 180 is really awkward. So it’s hard to believe he’s this caring person now. It’s actually a great moment at the end with the Rangers just as confused about his sudden flip flop.

And then Wreckmate’s “How long has that been there?” regarding the spaceship. Even Wreckmate was shocked at the sudden, out of nowhere twist and turns.

Twists are great if handled correctly. I don’t know that Dino Fury laid enough of a foundation to support what should be a pretty interesting story and dynamic with Tarrick and Santaura. We’ll see if they can pick things up.

But overall, this episode was all about Ollie with Amelia and Solon as great supporting characters. I enjoyed it a lot. Definitely my favorite of this chunk so far.

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