Music Monday, May 16, 2022 – Ciipher, T1419, ONEWE, TXT

Check out these four dynamic tracks from Ciipher, T1419, ONEWE and TXT.

“Fame” by Ciipher

Ciipher is back with their latest album The Code and its title track “Fame.” The song is an immediately engaging pop-dance track that blends together some feel-good K-pop vibes and a modern sound. Upon first listen, it might be my favorite title from these super rookies so far. The rest of the album is great with the breezy “Slam the Door,” the laidback “You Again” and the funky “I’ll Be There.” The R&B dance track “On a Highway” might be my favorite from the album.

“Run Up (Korean Ver.)” by T1419

T1419 may have just released my favorite track from them as well with the Korean version of Japanese single “Run Up.” It’s a bit of a different feel from their powerful and intense title tracks so far. But it’s definitely the kind of song that I immediately gravitate to. It’s a refreshing track from the rookie group where they are still able to deliver that charismatic performance while offering up a charming dance melody in a way they have not yet done. I would love to see their next Korean release with this same vibe.

“Montage” by ONEWE

ONEWE just released a special performance video of track “Montage” from their excellent album Planet Nine: VOYAGER which they released at the beginning of the year. The track is one of the band’s opportunities to truly rock out. And the performance video definitely brings those feels as the band prepares for their encore concert and special album.

“Good Boy Gone Bad” by TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER)

TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) is back with their latest album and its title track “Good Boy Gone Bad.” I loved their rock-infused comeback last year. But I’m sadly a little less enthused by this comeback. The title track is fine and I know the fans will just eat it up as the boys are once again effortlessly charismatic and powerful with their performance. But I dunno, I’m just not feeling it. And the rest of the album is in a similar style and vibe as well.

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