Recap: Kamen Rider Revice, Episode 35 – An Unknown Threat, the Road We Must Take

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 35 Recap

Daiji is bleeding out from the neck as demonAkemi is about to deliver the finishing blow. Ikki runs over to try and help his brother, but demonAkemi just swats him away. That forces Ikki and Vice to dehenshin. Vail comes to beat up Ikki and Vice some more.

Sakura gives it a go, but demonAkemi slashes at her and she goes flying and is also forced to dehenshin. An enraged Hikaru is about to storm out and hurry over, but Papa Ushijima stops him. Papa Karizaki says they still lack the firepower needed to help in any way.

Daiji helplessly watches his siblings getting assaulted. But Vail conveniently suddenly runs out of energy and reminds Vice to look more like a proper demon the next time they meet.

Director Akaishi says that’s enough fun for today. Akemi tells Daiji-kun that she hopes he can understand her one day.

Director Akaishi tells them all to embrace the despair and says Daiji has misunderstood something. Since they are all Giff’s children, they are family and should never go after each other’s throats.

Daiji, who is bleeding from his throat, calls bullshit. But Director Akaishi says to look forward to his big speech tomorrow. It will be a day to remember as humanity will begin down a new path.

Ikki, Vice and Sakura are feeling hopeless. But Daiji says it’s not over ’til it’s over!

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 35 Recap

Back home later that evening, Ikki has bandaged Daiji’s neck up and tries to comfort him. But Daiji insists Akemi is just being controlled and will return to normal once Director Akaishi is dead. Ikki is not as hopeful, but Daiji says they must defeat the director and restore Fenix to its former righteous glory.

Ikki says Daiji has been acting weird lately. Daiji doesn’t think so. But Ikki says Daiji has always been levelheaded while he was the hot head. Now it seems the turns have tabled. This is not the Daiji who saved him many times before. And the cool head Daiji is what they need right now.

Ikki says he, Vice and Sakura support him and they will never give up.

Daiji excuses himself so he can go cool his head. Ikki wants to speak with Vice.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 35 Recap

Over at Weekend HQ, Hana is bandaging up her girlfriend’s arm and says she wishes she could fight in her place instead. Sakura is sure she won’t lose next time.

Papa Karizaki says the world will walk down the path Akaishi has set out if they don’t defeat him. Papa Ushijima is feeling frustrated and says they might as well bow down to Gifu. Papa Karizaki says the rest of the world will never go down that easily. That is why Weekend exists as resistance.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 35 Recap

Downtown, Tamaki finds Hikaru training on a hilltop. Tamaki excitedly runs over to ask if he can deliver some treats to Aguilera. But Hikaru yells that he is busy. Tamaki apologizes for being too pushy and says he only wanted to give them refreshments for working so hard.

“Don’t lose heart!” Tamaki tells himself. “Keep making an effort and things will change!”

The words seem to resonate with Hikaru as well and he thanks Tamaki for the encouragement. Tamaki has no idea what just happened.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 35 Recap

Daiji is with George, both feeling down about their situation. Daiji says they are counting on George to back them up if necessary. Both agree that Director Akaishi does not see them as a threat.

George tells Daiji that just being righteous isn’t enough to overcome evil. Daiji doesn’t want to just sit and watch. But George says he’s worried about him because without Kagerou, Daiji must balance his good and evil sides on his own. He hopes Daiji is not letting his righteousness overwhelm his body.

Daiji says he’s trying to fulfill his duty.

Elsewhere, Director Akaishi is recharging Vail with a Stamp. Vail is eager to get back to fighting the Igarashis, but Director Akaishi reminds him that he is not to kill the siblings. If Vail does not abide by that, their cooperative relationship will be over.

Vail laughs and says he’ll just leave them barely clinging to life then.

Director Akaishi checks in with Gifu using his handeye and proclaims that humanity’s progress will end tomorrow.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 35 Recap

Back at the Spa, Vice tells Ikki about what Vail has been spouting off to him about being a true demon. Vice wants to make sure Ikki will never abandon him and Ikki just laughs. Vice says this is no laughing matter. Ikki asks what does being a “demon” mean anyway.

Vice says it is doing all the bad things he wants to, and… well. Actually, Vice doesn’t really know what demons are in the first place. Ikki says Vice is not a “demon.” Vice is “Vice.” And what Vice wants is to fight alongside Ikki.

Ikki tells Vice to just keep being him. They fist bump and are fired up.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 35 Recap

Daiji is by the water looking up at the flying Fenix ship. He vows to Make Fenix Great Again and that he chooses to believe in his righteousness.

It is the next day and the stage is set for Director Akaishi’s big address to the world. Daiji is on security detail, but Ikki, Sakura and Vice are hiding nearby ready to go when needed.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 35 Recap

Daiji, however, asks them to stay back for a moment after the speech begins because he plans to attack while the director is live in order to expose him to everyone. Ikki and Sakura tell him not to be so reckless. But Daiji says they need to be on the lookout for Gifu, Giftarians and demonAkemi.

“I’m betting my life on this plan,” Daiji says.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 35 Recap

Daiji approaches Director Akaishi who has just arrived. The director says this is the most important turning point in humanity’s history and hopes Daiji will remain by his side during this time.

Director Akaishi steps up to the microphone and his speech is broadcast around the world. He reveals that an alien lifeform known as Gifu is threatening the world. Because none of their efforts have worked to stop this evil, the only solution is for humanity to submit to Gifu in order to survive.

Daiji suddenly storms the mini-stage and screams not to believe the director. Director Akaishi smirks as demonAkemi leaps in to knock them both over. Director Akaishi asks Daiji to protect him and says he has seen through their plan. The director urges Daiji to henshin because demonAkemi will kill him.

Director Akaishi continues to smirk as Daiji henshins and tries to take on Akemi. Ikki, Sakura and Vice yell after him and run over. Director Akaishi gets back to the mic to tell the world that Fenix’s Kamen Riders are their last chance at being able to fight. But it doesn’t look good.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 35 Recap

The director gets down behind the podium in order to open his handeye. The portal to Gifu opens in the sky and out pops the Giff man himself. He blinks and suddenly all the Fenix officers standing guard poof away. They’re dead.

Vail arrives and asks if Vice is more demonish now. But Vice says he is no demon, but Just Vice. He will live as he likes from now on. Ikki and Sakura are happy he has made that decision. The three of them henshin to take on Vail and Giftarians.

Director Akaishi laments how the Riders are struggling against this evil force as more Giftarians fall out of the portal.

“Goddamn this is bad!” George says. But Hikaru comes running over and asks to allow him to…

demonAkemi has Ikki, Sakura and Daiji on their backs. She turns to Director Akaishi who nods at her and gives her the go-signal to attack him. Director Akaishi continues his show for the broadcast as he collapses behind the podium with a smile.

Only now does Daiji realize this is all part of Akaishi’s plan.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 35 Recap

Ikki tries leaping up to attack Gifu, but he and Vice just get swatted down and forced to dehenshin. The Gifu residue causes them and a now-dehenshined Sakura and Daiji great pain. Suddenly, all the Fenix fighter jets explode as does the main Fenix command ship which comes crashing down into the water with everyone in it now dead.

Director Akaishi, still with mic in hand, says this is really proof that humanity has bow down to this fearsome Gifu.

Daiji’s neck wound is ripped open again. He can barely speak, but just enough to question why this is happening to them when they are the righteous ones.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 35 Recap

Just then, Hikaru comes running up with a Driver and Stamp. He henshins to Over Demons and swoops in to knock Vail and demonAkemi on their backs. He kills the Giftarians before using his tentacle claws to grab the Igarashis and Vice and whisk them away to safety.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 35 Recap

Director Akaishi tells Vail to let them go as they have already achieved their objective for today.

At Weekend, Papa Ushijima is proud of Hikaru today. But they’re still not in a good situation. George and his father come walking into the command center. Papa Karizaki says the time has come for Weekend to emerge from the underground.

Daiji, trying to stop the blood from gushing out of his beck, stumbles to the waterfront as he looks at the Fenix command ship now burning in the water. Director Akaishi comes up and commends Daiji. “The lives of ten thousand lay here, for the sake of one hero.”

Director Akaishi says he has no intention of keeping the honor of leading humanity to himself.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 35 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Wow, this was a great episode!

If I ignore everything that’s lead up to this point. Or the fact that it feels so hollow.

First of all, no one can say that The Mystery or Kamen Rider Vail or Dear Gaga are not suitable for the Sunday morning TV series when you’ve got Daiji bleeding from the neck all day. I’ve seen some comments theorizing that the content of the TTFC/Blu-ray extras are just not things that would be suitable for the main series. But aside from them being better written than the series, there’s certainly nothing as violent as we’ve seen the last few weeks on the show.

Anyway, there are times when I start rooting for the villains because I am so annoyed by the supposed heroes of a series. That definitely happened last year when I was rooting for Storious in the endgame. It happened when I was rooting for Zamigo on LuPat. It’s happened many times during the Saban Brands/Hasbro eras of Power Rangers.

So I am afraid I am coming *thisclose* to starting to root for Director Akaishi. Not even Gifu. But just the director himself. Like, I’m starting to go from being completely annoyed by him to being almost amused by him. The character is just so absurd that it’s hilarious. And I’m almost at a point where I just want to see him ham it up as much as he can, especially in the faces of the Igarashi sibs who increasingly feel like shells of their former selves.

When Daiji was shocked that all of this was Akaishi’s plan. Like, hello?! Are you serious? His plan was quite obvious when he started his not-Oscar winning performance at the microphone. Oh, they didn’t see him smirking and laughing behind the podium. Really? Even without him making faces, they already know he’s Gifu’s right palm man. And this big speech was obviously part of the plan for Gifu’s emergence. So what the hell did they think was going on? That was just laughable.

So, back when she was still treating Hiromi, I was wondering and hoping if Doctor Akemi would become an important character. And according to this episode, she apparently is. But I don’t know that giving Daiji bitter coffee and crossing her legs in front of him for a scene is enough foundation to actually make her an important character.

Apparently, Daiji feels some kind of way about her. And I definitely also initially wondered if they were going in that direction. But every scene since that first oddly flirtatious face to face between them has been anything but. If anything, it feels like this should be Hiromi’s story and not Daiji’s at all. There’s more of a relationship between Hiromi and Akemi at least. And Hiromi being a hothead would definitely work here with all this Make Fenix Great Again stuff.

And Akemi is shown to still have control of her thoughts. So she might uncontrollably rampage, but she still has the presence of mind to feel bad about uncontrollably rampaging and hurting Daiji. Huh?

Daiji acting “weird” because Kagerou is gone? So just because Kagerou the demon is gone, Daiji now has a “bad” side to him? Or Daiji’s good, righteous side is actually his bad side and corrupted and twisted. And I don’t know.

This also touches on the problem I had with them talking about Vice being Vice and not being a demon. I thought, at least, with the introduction of Lovekov, it was understood that not all demons are “bad” or “evil.” So what’s with this “All demons must be evil” stuff now?

And the obvious story with Ikki and Vice was Vice growing from being simply a mischievous demon who wanted to eat people to being a “good” guy and hero in his own right. With Ikki’s help of course.

But so goes the muddled “rules” of Revice’s demons.

More and more it looks like they’ve just completely rewritten George’s character as well.

But Hikaru coming to save the day? I’ll take it. If everything else were better, I’d say they kind of underdeveloped Hikaru as a character to warrant him becoming Over Demons. But since everything else is hanging on by a thread, I’ll accept any different thing that may come around. And that includes giving an underused character with potential something to do. Though I’m assuming he and Tamaki are going to get killed off sooner rather than later anyway. This is Revice that seems to have lingering Saberitis after all.

Bloody, violent, destruction. Cool. I guess. But story-wise, it’s just all over the place.

I mean, look at this shot:
Kamen Rider Revice Episode 35 Recap
It’s such a dramatic, epic-looking shot. I just wish it had the writing and story to back it up.

14 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Revice, Episode 35 – An Unknown Threat, the Road We Must Take

  1. It was a better episode. Some exciting action. At least something’s happening now with the villain side.

  2. And here I was expecting from the preview shots for Kamen Rider OverDemons to be yet another form for Vail.

    1. Also, Hana dear, your temper tantrum over like the last ten episodes is the reason you can’t fight. You did this to yourself girl.

    2. Oh! I don’t follow the spoilers and stuff. So I guess I was surprised. Considering how the Igarashis have sucked against Vail, I’m glad they didn’t give him a power up. Or maybe, I kinda wish he actually more powerful lol

  3. Vice: (is an inner demon)
    Also Vice: I’m not a demon!

    Really tells you how well the writers of this series treat their characters.

    1. Right? I mean, Vice can still be a nice, friendly demon. But that’s what he is. He’s not human, after all. I don’t get what they’re trying to do there

  4. I feel like they’re just throwing anything in now just to seem dramatic and action-packed. But it just doesn’t fit with the story the established early on. It’s like they started one way and then were like “Nah, it’s not working.” But actually, what they were doing before was working much better than what they’re doing now.

    1. That’s a good point. They’ve abandoned the family aspect which is probably why I enjoy the Vail and Dear Gaga miniseries more since they do focus on family.

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