Music Monday, May 9, 2022 (Part 1) – from20, iKON, JO1, WOODZ

Four moods from four great artists: from20, iKON, JO1, WOODZ.

“WEOL” by from20

from20 has become one of my favorite solo artists after his amazing releases last year. He is back with his new single “WEOL” and the synth-infused track is very much a spiritual successor to his excellent “Because It’ll Be Faster For You to Forget Me Than Me Loving You.” The similar kinetic vibes of both the songs and music videos are really such a great showcase for from20’s creative mind. Kim Raehwan is just simply a talented man and “WEOL” is more proof of that.

“But You” by iKON

Speaking of synth, iKON’s latest title track “But You” is an awesome retro dance track. The group has branched out in sound and style with their recent releases. And “But You” continues that as the nostalgic track fits perfectly with the theme of their album Flashback. The rest of the album has a nice mix of songs that include the colorful sound they’ve been known for as well as some in their more recent direction.

“With Us” by JO1

JO1 releases the lead single of their upcoming album Kizuna. And “With Us” is an energetic and uplifting dance track that speaks to the album’s theme of bonds and friendship. Though I liked the first two tracks released in preparation for Kizuna, “With Us” is my favorite. And it is in the same vein as some of my other favorite JO1 tracks on their discography so far.

“I Hate You” by WOODZ

WOODZ releases his latest album Colorful Trauma and the title track “I Hate You” has a bit of a retro pop-rock vibe. WOODZ has been able to show off his versatility with his music. But what you can be sure to expect with every release is a strong, confident performance from this multi-talented artist.

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