Music Monday, May 9, 2022 (Part 2) – Ryeowook, Yoon Seobin, MeloMance, Lee Minhyuk

Springtime feels with Ryeowook, Yoon Seobin, MeloMance and Lee Minhyuk.

“Hiding Words” by Ryeowook

Ryeowook finally releases his third album A Wild Rose and title track “Hiding Worse” is a beautifully stunning ballad that perfectly showcases his always captivating vocals effortlessly expressing the emotional lyrics. The rest of the album is also great with the ethereal “Angel’s Wing” a highlight.

“Beautiful” by Yoon Seobin

After recently wrapping up webseries Kissable Lips, former Produce X 101 and JYP Entertainment trainee Yoon Seobin releases his first single “Beautiful.” The romantic R&B ballad allows Seobin to show off his refreshing vocals. And a perfect track for the season.

“Invitation” by MeloMance

Another great springtime track is MeloMance’s “Invitation.” The title track of the duo’s latest album is a sweet song about the joy and excitement of falling in love. The charming melody and the duo’s signature harmonies lead an album full of love and warmth.

“Dream” by Lee Minhyuk

Singer-songwriter Lee Minhyuk releases his 3rd mini-album Like Spring Again, Goodbye featuring three of his own compositions. Title track “Dream” is indeed a dreamlike ballad where Lee Minhyuk begins the song with softer vocals before it crescendos into a powerful and dramatic conclusion. The emotional and touching performance is a great introduction to anyone who may not have listened to his music before.

2 thoughts on “Music Monday, May 9, 2022 (Part 2) – Ryeowook, Yoon Seobin, MeloMance, Lee Minhyuk

  1. Is that the Yoon Seobin who was kicked out of PD101 because of bullying accusations? And then he just did a BL drama? Wow he’s hot!

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