Music Monday, May 2, 2021 (Part 1) – ALAMAT, E’LAST, DKB, VERIVERY

Check out these great tracks this week from ALAMAT, E’LAST, DKB and VERIVERY.

“Sa Panaginip Na Lang” by ALAMAT

I’ve become a big fan of ALAMAT and they’ve released a diverse mix of title tracks so far. But their newest track “Sa Panaginip Na Lang” is a beautiful OPM ballad. And it’s such a refreshing track to hear, especially from a P-pop group in a time when P-pop artists are doing their best in announcing their arrivals through big, performance-heavy dance tracks. The song reminds me very much of the days I would listen to the many OPM pop-rock bands of the 2000s. So it’s definitely a throwback, but also contemporary as well. And of course, it’s a chance for ALAMAT to show off their wonderful voices in a slower track that is all their own.

“Creature” by E’LAST

E’LAST returns with another captivating track in “Creature.” Continuing along the world they have established with their releases, “Creature” tells the story of the emotions triggered by a betrayal and misunderstanding. The dramatic song is matched by an equally dramatic and lush MV and a performance that is always powerful from the group. I definitely love the softer pre-chorus as it leads into the period of a chorus.

As for the rest of the mini album Roar, there’s the groovy “Poison” and “Desire,” another dramatic track in “Shelter,” ballad “Let Me Free” and a sultry “Nightmare” wrapping it up.

“Sober” by DKB

DKB makes a confident comeback with the piano-infused hip-hop dance track “Sober.” The group’s swagger and charisma are on full display with their performance as they sing of mustering up the courage to confess one’s feelings only when not sober. DKB has built up their style and sound since their impactful debut. And “Sober” is another strong title track to add to the list. The rock-infused remix of the track to close out the album gives the song a different and even more powerful vibe.

In addition to including digital single “Rollercoaster” from a few months ago, the single album Rebel includes the refreshing and summery hip-hop track “Get Away.” It is a contrast to the title track, but equally engaging.

“Undercover” by VERIVERY

VERIVERY releases their first full album with the title track “Undercover.” I must admit, I’m not as immediately enamored by it as their other recent titles, especially the single “O” that they released last month in preparation for this album. But the Latin-infused dance track is an interesting and different vibe for the group.

The rest of the album includes similar striking and charismatic tracks. But it also includes some brighter treats like “Childhood” and “Velocity.” The closing track “Fine” is a wonderful midtempo modern rock track about youth. Overall, a solid first full album from the talented group.

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