Music Monday, May 2, 2022 (Part 2) – Yoon Jisung, Ha Sung Woon, RoaD-B, Boyz’S Touch

Bright tracks from Yoon Jisung and Ha Sung Woon, a reintroduction to RoaD-B and can someone tell me more about these mysterious guys known as Boyz’S Touch!

“Bloom” by Yoon Jisung

After signing with a new agency and a great performance in the recently concluded drama Let Me Be Your Knight, Yoon Jisung returns with the album Roar and its title track “Bloom.” The retro-infused contemporary pop track has Jisung and his unique voice glide across the refreshing spring song.

The rest of the album is also perfect for the season, including “Summer Drive,” a track produced by AB6IX’s Lee Daehwi and featuring drama co-star Jonghyun, formerly of NU’EST.

“La La Pop!” by Ha Sung Woon

Ha Sung Woon releases “La La Pop!” as a great springtime retro hip-hop track about sending a message to a loved one through song. It is a fun and addictive melody that highlights Ha Sung Woon’s unique and strong vocals bringing to life the encouraging lyrics.

“Nonstop” by RoaD-B

The group formerly known as BXK returns as RoaD-B with the dance track “Nonstop.” The dramatic, electronic track has the group singing of the complicated feelings after a breakup. It has a great energy that allows the group to showcase their charisma. And the song itself feels like a great throwback to the K-pop of even a decade ago. A great song and great performance.

“My 1st. STAR” by Boyz’S Touch

“Fuxxxx Crazy” by Boyz’S Touch

Can someone let me know more about this group Boyz’S Touch. I legit cannot find anything online about them. And even their profile on genie is so confusing. They are “ballactors,” ballad-actors or something. I have no idea!

I definitely want to know more because these double title tracks “My 1st STAR” and “Fuxxxx Crazy” are excellent. The vocals and harmonies are insane! Both songs are apparently reinterpretations of songs by Kim Heechul and Yoo Jae Suk(?). And they absolutely sing the hell out of both.

I am really confused, but also in awe of them. Like, who are they?! Please let me know!

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