Music Monday, April 25, 2022 – YOUNITE, Min, Ryeowook, Kim Sung Kyu

Take your pick from these excellent new tracks from YOUNITE, Min, Ryeowook, Kim Sung Kyu.

“1 of 9” by YOUNITE

After their pre-release tease earlier this month, YOUNITE make their official debut with the album Youni-birth and their title track “1 of 9.” The bright, energetic track is a bit different from their pre-release “Everybody.” “1 of 9” is a fun, youthful vibe about their first feelings for their crush. It’s a charming and endearing debut for the talented rookies.

The rest of the album features equally great and diverse songs. Some hip-hop, some R&B, some powerful pop-dance tracks. The dreamy “Odyssey” might be my favorite B-side. Overall, a strong debut! Looking forward to see what they have in store next.

“Hit Me Up” by Min featuring JMIN

Former miss A member Min releases her 2nd single “Hit Me Up” featuring rapper JMIN. And the smooth R&B track is different from her cheeky solo debut single “Onion” in which she re-introduced herself to the listening public. The smooth, flirtatious vibes of “Hit Me Up” are perfectly suited for Min’s vocals and the vocal chemistry she has with JMIN result in a total package of a song.

“Bluebird” by Ryeowook

Super Junior’s Ryeowook prepares for his solo comeback with the moody R&B pre-release track “Bluebird.” Ryeowook sings of a past love through the mellow track supported by a soothing electric guitar-guided melody. The minimalist production of the song allows Ryeowook’s always warm vocals to shine. Definitely makes one excited for the upcoming album release.

“Savior” by Kim Sung Kyu

Kim Sung Kyu returns with his latest solo track “Savior.” His soaring vocals power this pop-rock ballad. Which is definitely no surprise for someone with a voice like Kim Sung Kyu. He effortlessly conveys the loving lyrics through the song that crescendos into a beautiful finale that showcases his powerful vocals. The piano ballad “My Love Will Be Yours” is another track that gives Sung Kyu that opportunity as well. The midtempo R&B track “I Dare You” is also great and the rock-infused pop track “Fog” is the perfect conclusion for the album.

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