Music Monday, April 25, 2022 (Part 2) – BXW, BUGVEL, INI

Here’s four great J-pop tracks from talented Produce 101 alums, featuring BXW, BUGVEL and INI.

“Dreamer” by BXW

BXW is back with their latest. “Dreamer” is a good ol’ pop dance track that has the group singing their encouragement to keep reaching for those dreams. A fun, energetic and youthful track from the talented, though still underrated group.

“Bad Guy” by BUGVEL

The 5-member J-pop group BUGVEL finally make their debut with the title track “Bad Guy.” Alums of various Produce 101s in Japan and Korea, BUGVEL makes a great first impression with this hip-hop-tinged pop dance track. The soft pre-chorus is very nice and pairs well with the thumping chorus and the group’s charismatic performance and style. Definitely a solid debut and another group to look out for!

“Bombarda” by INI

INI culminates the preparation for the release of their 2nd album I with these two performance videos for tracks “Bombarda” and “Dilemma.” “Bombarda” is definitely the kind of track I was expecting from them after their strong debut. The track feels more like the catchy follow-up to their addictive debut “Rocketeer.” It is much more powerful and attention-grabbing than “Call 119,” the first single released from this album.

“Dilemma” by INI

The hip-hop-tinged dance track “Dilemma” is also much more impactful. Definitely a performance-type of track that allows the group to show off their charisma and swagger much more. Essentially, I like every other song on the album than “Call 119” which was a bit underwhelming. That the rest of the album is great though is reassuring for these super rookies.

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