Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 27 (Season 2, Episode 5) – “My personal hygiene is none of your business.”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 27 (Season 2, Episode 5) – Stitched Up

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 27 Recap

Void Knight aka Terrick finally awakens his love, Santaura. He tells her that he is making preparations for their departure from Earth and she is shocked that they are still here.

Meanwhile, Izzy and Fern are raving about Kung Fugitive and its star Steel Silva. But Fern actually wants to ask Izzy to be her date to prom. Mama Garcia pops up out of the bush and says of course Izzy will be her date. Mama Garcia also offers to make their outfits, but Izzy really doesn’t want her to since she doesn’t want to wear a dress. Mama Garcia says she of course knows Izzy’s style so there nothing to worry about.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 27 Recap

Back at HQ62, Mucus, Slyther and Wreckmate are trying to listen in and figure out what’s happening in Void Knight’s secret room. But they instead revive a Sporix blob that manifests Junkalo who eats trash and vomits fresh new parts and tools. Void Knight comes outside and says he will come in handy for helping to build a zord jammer.

Over at Buzzblast, Javi delivers Izzy’s prom outfit. Amelia thinks it’s gorgeous and Aiyon would even wear it himself. But it is a dress and Izzy is absolutely disgusted that her mother continues to force her into these gag-inducing skirts and dresses. Though Izzy acknowledges her mother is a great designer, she will no longer stand for this oppression so she throws the dress in the trash.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 27 Recap

The garbage collector comes in to take the trash that was supposed to be out on the curb by 10am. This is now the fifth time he’s had to come in and collect Buzzblast’s trash himself. He tries to calm himself down after grabbing the trash bags, which include the beautiful dress Mama Garcia quickly made.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 27 Recap

Solon calls the Rangers to tell them about the Sporix beast at the dump. The Rangers hurry over as Junkalo vomits more new parts. They morph and Mucus summons Hengemen to keep them busy.

Junkalo burps and the smell allows him and Mucus to escape.

Izzy gets a text from Fern who says they must have gotten their bags mixed up because she received Izzy’s tuxedo. Izzy realizes she’s made a horrible mistake by distrusting her mother. So now the Rangers search the dump for the dress. Unfortunately it is now ruined having been mixed in with all the garbage.

Izzy goes to talk to her mother.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 27 Recap

Over at HQ62, Santaura watches a live feed of what’s happening outside her door and wonders what Terrick is up to.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 27 Recap

At home, Izzy tells her mother about the mix up and shows her the ruined dress. She admits that she overreacted, but doesn’t apologize. Mama Garcia understands and says though it took her awhile, she fully accepts and love who Izzy is today.

Mama Garcia suggests they work together on a new dress and Izzy says sure.

At the command chamber, they find that there are two locations with smelly gas in the city. The Rangers split up. Aiyon and the Garcia Sibs find Void Knight who is putting the finishing touches on his contraption. The Rangers henshin and battle him. They are able to drive him away, but Void Knight has gotten what he came here for.

Junkalo embiggens in the city and Zayto, Amelia and Ollie hop into the Megazord to take him on. They call on the Pachas to help them and they finish off Junkalo for good. Izzy catches Junkalo’s blob.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 27 Recap

Back at HQ62, Santaura comments that Terrick has been busy while she was asleep. Now that he has control of the Sporix Beasts, they could get revenge on the humans for what they did to them. Terrick says he does not need or want revenge. He just wants to leave this planet with her.

Terrick asks Santaura to just rest.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 27 Recap

Over at the Garcia’s, Papa Garcia proudly takes photos of Izzy in her tux and Fern in the dress the mother and daughter made.

Javi arrives in a limo for them and the other Rangers pop out as well to join them on the ride to prom.

Papa Garcia wants to take one more photo of the group of friends.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 27 Recap

Episode Thoughts

How could I possibly say anything negative about such a forward-looking episode about sexuality and gender identity?

Quite easily, actually! We’ll get to the nice message later.

But first, the episode’s main “conflict” continued to play on the Rangers’ continued mistrust of people close to them. Perhaps all of that was building up to this episode? lol But for real, the Rangers really have trust issues. I don’t know. Maybe the show is telling kiddos to actively not trust anyone, even those you think are your friends or family. Uh… okay. Lol

Also, I was quite annoyed there was no resolution to the garbage collector part of the story. The garbage collector shouldn’t have to go into the office to get the trash. Let Buzzblast wallow in their own garbage if they don’t want to properly put it out on time where it belongs. They don’t get paid to do these simple things that customers should be doing on their own. You don’t see garbage collectors knocking on homes to remind people to take their trash out.

Buzzblast is too privileged. Hmph.

But all that aside, I had a feeling it was Fern’s dress. And Izzy’s overreaction was very sad at first. The idea of Izzy being upset that her mother, somehow, still insists on making her dress feminine and all that is a good story to tell. A story very out of the ordinary, though important to have told on a long-running show like Power Rangers.

Power Rangers is never going to do nuance. So while it’s not going to be the smoothest landing, for what we got, it was a positive story and done about as well as Power Rangers could do. It was the right balance between a heavy, deeper discussion about Izzy’s feelings growing up and just brushing it off as some throwaway plot for an episode. (Which is hard to avoid with the show’s present anti-serialized nature.) This is a kids show aimed at three year olds, after all.

The other big development of the episode is Santaura waking up and the seeds being planted for her to, I guess, take over as the Big Bad this season. That will be interesting to watch play out. Terrick doing all this work to revive her and then her just tossing him aside for her revenge. There’s a lot of potential for good story there.

But then I again remember this is Power Rangers, so I won’t hold my breath.

Overall, a well-intentioned and relatively well-executed episode. And probably tied so far with the last episode as the best of this batch so far.

Oh and is Fern going to inherit the Void Knight suit? She’s wearing purple. lol

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