Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 25 (Season 2, Episode 3) – “Now that is big! And juicy! And green!”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 25 (Season 2, Episode 3) – Missing Pieces
Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 25 Recap

After Wreckmate gets a tune up, Occulo pops in and says he can see through anything. Void Knight asks Occulo to help gather Sporix blobs. And the magic amulet Slyther found that can erase the Rangers’ memories and replace them with lies can help.

Several days later, Ollie is helping Solon through her firmware update while the Rafkon duo shows the others a 65 million year old visualization of the universe. Thanks to Solon’s calculations, they have a general idea of where the planet might be today.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 25 Recap

Amelia complains of a bad shoulder and says it must be because she took a shortcut through the yard of her neighbor who Pop Pop thinks is a witch. Aiyon says the Light Dino Key repels magic so they decide to give it a try. Aiyon shoots at Amelia’s shoulder and it doesn’t do anything. She reasons that she probably just strained it during sleep.

Javi suggests they use the Light and Shadow Keys to make a portal to Rafkon, but they need to know the exact location. Solon wakes up from her update and says they won’t find it in the area they’re focusing on. Zayto is confused since it was her who told them to look there. Solon says it must have been pre-update bugs so she’ll go back to the calculating board.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 25 Recap

Later, the Rangers hurry downtown to face off against Occulo who is being accompanied by Slyther and Mucus as they collect Sporix blobs. In the middle of battle, Slyther uses the amulet to replace the Rangers’ memories with his own made up story about pickles and they are able to escape without the Rangers knowing.

Solon calls everyone back to the command chamber as she seems to have found Rafkon’s three suns. They tell her about mistaking the Sporix for a pickle again and Solon thinks it is odd how this is now the third time this week. She wonders if someone is replacing their memories, but the Rangers think that is absurd and impossible.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 25 Recap

Zayto even shows Solon the memory by touching her and they did indeed find a big, juicy green pickle according to the video clip in his head.

Solon decides to cross-check their memories with news accounts of Sporix to make sure everything matches. Aiyon says some very hurtful words, implying that Solon basically has dementia that no firmware update can fix. The others Rangers agree, though in more gentler terms.

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 25 (Season 2, Episode 3) – “Now that is big! And juicy! And green!”

Solon insists she is fine and even shows them the three Rafkon suns she’s found. Zayto decides to go check it out himself and tells the others (who are annoyed to be left behind) to check out Solon’s memory loss theory.

Solon tries to say Rakfon can wait and that Zayto should help the others first. But Zayto says No and orders Solon summon the zords for him to hop through the portal.

Zayto reaches the three suns, but no Rakfon.

Back at the command chamber, Amelia looks up a Buzzblast video about a shoulder massage. But Jane and J-Borg’s lesson is completely useless… except for video proof of a memory from the other day that none of them remember. And the video shows just how Amelia injured her shoulder when Occulo slammed her against a wall.

Turns out Solon was right after all. (Surprise.)

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 25 Recap

A call comes in to report Occulo in the city. The Light Key would really be helpful right now, but Zayto has it. Even though Solon was right when she advised that he should probably stay here and help the team first. (Surprise again.)

Solon tries to contact Zayto to hurry back while the Rangers head downtown. They first take on Hengemen before Slyther again replaces their memories. Zayto arrives and uses his bike to destroy the amulet steering wheel.

Zayto uses the Light Key to remove the amulet’s effect on the Rangers. But Void Knight appears and completely owns them before he and the others can return to HQ62.

Occulo is still alive and Void Knight has a big sack of Sporix blobs. The Rangers wouldn’t be in this situation had they just trusted Solon. Amelia apologizes on behalf of the team. Because Solon is too nice, she says it’s okay.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 25 Recap

Meanwhile, Zayto tells them that he reached the suns, but found no Rafkon. In the planet’s place was a beacon playing some sort of sound that Amelia recognizes as similar to the message they once caught earlier in the season. Ollie suggests both may be part of one whole piece. They play the two sounds together and they can make out some English-language words. But they come to the realization that they will need to find the other missing pieces to finish the mysterious puzzle to get direct answers about questions surrounding the strage disappearance of the planet of Rafkon.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 25 Recap

Episode Thoughts

For anyone old enough (probably any one of you rose-tinted spectacle-wearing old fans), I was immediately reminded of the insane 1994 CBS TV movie Without Warning. And at the end of the film, they do something similar where they come to a horrific realization about two initially and seemingly unrelated bits of rambling. I recommend watching the movie on YouTube. But it will never the same as my experience as a 7 year old kid being scared out of my freaking mind watching the movie when it first aired. Lol

Anyway, how rude were the Rangers to Solon? Aiyon especially. That’s honestly my main take away from this episode. Excuse me, without her, you guys would be absolutely nothing. And she probably is smarter, more knowledgeable and wiser than all six Rangers combined. So have some respect. Thank you.

And it was multiple times that Solon was right this episode. This is definitely déjà vu because I seem to remember a few times last year when Rangers would completely disregard their teammates and Solon even when trusting them was the obvious and correct move.

Way to teach the kiddos to disregard one another’s opinions! Lol Good lesson there.

Maybe instead of going “Oops my bad” at the end, how about taking a deeper look at yourself to maybe try and change your ways. At least to avoid the end of the world, you know what I mean?


In more nitpicking, I stopped comparing Power Rangers episodes to their Sentai originals. But I definitely remember this Ryusoulger episode being one of my early favorites. It focused on Koh, Melto and Asuna and really did a great job at adding depth to their characters. So in realizing that, I was a bit annoyed that the correlating episode involved such Solon disrespect. Hmph.

So overall, I obviously didn’t enjoy this episode. Maybe looked better on paper. But when you have Rangers acting like jerks, it’s not going to be a very fun time, regardless of whatever’s in the rest of the episode. Sorry.

Not sorry.

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